Minimizing water damage

In most situations, water damage can be minimized by promptly taking the following steps:

  • Remove items of value that are in, or near, the source of water
  • Roll back or remove rugs close to the source of water
  • Use old rags or wet vacuums to eliminate excess water
  • Fans and/or dehumidifiers can reduce dampness and speed drying
  • If weather permits, open basement windows to circulate air – in addition to speeding the drying process this helps to prevent odours
  • If the source of the problem is a leaking water meter:
    • Turn off the valve in front of the meter
    • Place rags or pails beneath the meter to catch the drips, or, if the valve is spraying water, wrap towels around the leaking spot

If water is widespread and there is serious damage, we suggest that you:

  • Make a written list of all property that is damaged – you may find this Inventory Count Sheet (pdf) helpful. Note which property is permanently damaged, i.e., won’t be usable after being properly dried.
  • Take photographs to document the water spread and the wet property
  • Advise your insurance agent or broker promptly

Making a claim

If your insurance company believes the City of Guelph is responsible for your property damage it will make a claim for costs (and your deductible). For more information see Making a Claim or call City Hall at 519-837-5610.

It is important that you immediately reduce the amount of damage to your property. Your insurance company may not be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of property if you didn’t take reasonable measures to care for it.