Claim for lien

Form 12

The City of Guelph requires that all claim for lien (Form 12) against premises owned by the City are given to the Clerk of the City of Guelph, pursuant to s. 11.2 of Ontario Regulation 304/18. The claim for lien (Form 12) must be completed in full and submitted to [email protected].

Claim for lien (Form 12)

All supporting documents to support the claim for lien must be submitted in the same message as the Form 12 submission. Accepted document formats include Word (docx); PDF, PowerPoint (PPT); and Excel (xlsx).

Any claim for lien that is submitted after 5 p.m. local time is deemed to have been given on the following business day (O. Reg 304/18, s. 11.1(3))

Following a minimum of 2 business days after submission, a time stamped copy of receipt can be made available upon request, at [email protected]. Please specify the name of lien claimant along with the date and time of submission, when making the request.

Claim for lien background

On the day that s. 34(3.1) of the Construction Act comes into force (currently, Oct. 1, 2019), where the owner of the premises is a municipality, the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given to the clerk of the municipality.

Ontario Regulation 304/18, as amended by Ontario Regulation 112/19, made under the Construction Act, allows a municipality to choose a method by which the claim for lien (Form 12) shall be given under s. 34(3.1).