2023 Phase 2 – Arts recipients

Amount awarded How funds will be used
$800 The project focuses on weaving as a multifaceted practice, connecting to traditions, culture, and nature with a goal to share learning with students at an outdoor school and offer community workshops.
$1,000 This project focuses on building community connection and cultural expression through a series of free embroidery workshops in Guelph, culminating in collaborative art restoration and a public exhibition, while highlighting the significance of textile art.
$850 The “Quick and Easy Choir” project proposes two inclusive, no-experience-required workshops where community members can learn basic vocal techniques and harmonize popular songs in a casual setting, with funds covering equipment, resources, music arrangement, and workshop leadership.
$1,000 The project uses dance and movement to challenge perceptions of gender, foster personal growth, and create transformative storytelling while paying dancers fair rates for their participation.
$900 This project works to transform vandalism by collaborating with local residents to design and paint mini murals that convey messages of hope and community love.
$900 This project supports a zine-making workshop specifically for trans men, nonbinary, and transmasculine individuals, aiming to create a safe space for artistic expression and community building while covering facilitation fees, materials, venue costs, and participant support.
$850 This project will create five large-scale paintings for an exhibition exploring themes of war and human conflict, with plans for both physical and virtual displays to engage and educate the public.
$1,000 This project will host a March Break Camp called Girls Rock Camp Guelph  for 25 gender diverse youth aged 8-14, offering instrument lessons, band formation, and songwriting, culminating in a public performance, while fostering a supportive community and nurturing the next generation of local musicians.
$1,000 “Heart to Heart” proposes an intimate, improvisational dance and music performance event in a small Guelph venue, featuring local artists and vendors, aimed at creating an accessible, immersive experience that unifies the community through movement and artistic expression.
$1,000 This project will introduce a range of art workshops showcasing local cultural art forms to the Multicultural Festival.
$850 This project will create a new experimental performance open mic in Guelph, providing a low-pressure, intimate space for all performers to showcase and test their work and will cover venue costs, equipment, licensing, marketing, and artist fees.
$850 This project explores emotional responses to climate change through movement and sound, culminating in a dance party, with the aim of building community resilience and trust through site-specific improvisations and shared experiences.
$1,000 This project will support the art and film program at Shelldale Family Gateway for children in grades 4-6 through purchasing essential supplies like paints, canvases, tripods, and props to support creative learning experiences.