York Road Reconstruction

Brockville Avenue to Victoria Road

March 22, 2024

About the project

As part of the York Road Phase 3 project, the City is working with Navacon Construction Inc to reconstruct York Road from Stevenson Street to Victoria Road. This year’s work will be from Brockville Avenue to Victoria Road and will be broken into three smaller stages.

The purpose of this project is to replace the watermains, sanitary and storm sewer pipes along York Road. The contractor will also replace curbs, asphalt and sidewalks.

Full road closure of York Road begins April 2nd

Stage 2a will include a full road closure of York Road at Brockville Avenue to 30m east of Brockville Avenue and is scheduled to take place on or about April 2nd. York Road will be closed in both directions. This closure will be maintained until the end of the year but the work areas will shift towards Victoria Road. Additional notices will be circulated when switching from Stage 2a to 2b. Construction crews may be on site before April 2nd for preparation activities however the road will be open until April 2nd. Access will be maintained as best as possible for residents living in and around the project site during construction. See map below.

An aerial view of the construction work to be completed on a map as well as indications of where the temporary traffic signal will be at Florence Lane and Victoria Road South and a temporary road off of Brockville Avenue.

Pedestrian access

Pedestrian traffic will be maintained on at least one side of the road as the work is completed. Pedestrians travelling on York Road and side streets should follow posted signs.

Property and business access

All local businesses in the area are open during construction.

Local access and access to driveways will be permitted within the road closures.

Every effort will be made to maintain access to driveways in the construction area during working hours (7 a.m.–7 p.m.). Construction activities and equipment movement may temporarily impact access to private property and delays should be expected during these hours. Residents will be notified in advance if driveway access will be impacted for a prolonged period.

Plantings and decorations in the construction area

Construction work will be in the City’s right-of-way between property lines, approximately three metres from the sidewalks. If you have any personal plantings or decorative features within the right-of-way, please remove them before April 2nd, 2024. Private planting and features within the right-of-way will not be replaced by the City when construction is complete.

City services

Waste collection will follow the same schedule; however, pickup will be first thing in the morning. Please ensure waste carts are at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on your regularly scheduled collection day. The contractor will move the waste carts from the curb to ensure pickup is made.

Guelph Transit

Guelph Transit Route 4 will be temporarily detoured during construction. Visit guelphtransit.ca for information about stop changes and route detours.

Stay Informed

The City of Guelph appreciates your patience and understanding as we complete this important infrastructure project. For more information about this project, including updates, visit www.guelph.ca/living/construction-projects/york-road-reconstruction/