Join Guelph’s housing affordability focus group

 Guelph, Ont., January 17, 2024 – Guelph’s vision is to be an inclusive, connected, prosperous city where we look after each other and our environment – and that means having a diverse range of housing types available, including affordable housing options.  

But what does affordable housing truly mean for Guelph? We need your help to not only have this conversation, but also to explore approaches and actions that the City can take to protect existing affordable housing stock and to increase the supply of new affordable housing.   

Increasing Guelph’s housing supply 

The 2024 Housing Affordability Strategy (an update to the 2017 Affordable Housing Strategy) will identify actions like policy changes, tools and incentives, advocacy, and partnership approaches to address private-market housing gaps in the short, medium, and long term.  

We’re focusing on private-marking housing gaps because this is where the City has the most influence, but we’re taking a highly collaborative approach to developing this Strategy so we can support and leverage the work of others who are also working hard to increase affordable housing options in our community.  

Visit the Housing in Guelph story map to learn more about how the City of Guelph is working to help increase housing supply for our community. 

Get involved 

If you’re passionate about housing, join the Housing Affordability Strategy Focus Group (HASFG) to help develop a strategy that will determine what affordable private-market housing looks like for our community and how we can help close the housing gap.  

Complete the HASFG application form and learn more about the different opportunities to get involved at 

For more information 

Cushla Matthews, Development Advisor 
Planning and Building Services – Policy Planning
City of Guelph
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