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Chief’s message

On behalf of the dedicated members who provide service at the Guelph Fire Department I welcome you to our web page. I trust the information we have provided is beneficial to you. We value your feedback so feel free to contact us utilizing the information provided.

The Guelph Fire Department has been serving the community full-time for over 100 years. Beginning on October 1st, 1909, it has grown to include 6 fire halls, over 170 staff, and a fleet of 16 emergency response vehicles. In 2011 we opened a joint Fire / EMS / Police facility at 160 Clair Road West. The facility is the first of its kind in Ontario and we are proud to share it with our first response partners.

In 2011 the Guelph Fire Department (GFD) officially became an accredited agency from the U.S. based internationally recognized Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). Our department is only the 4th in Canada and the 2nd in Ontario to achieve this goal. Participation in this process allows us to provide m measurable service at levels acceptable to meet the varied needs and circumstances of the community, while demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement.

In 2011 website ranked Guelph as Canada’s ‘most livable City’.  We do live in a great City! The Guelph Fire Department members continue to value your trust in serving our community.  Working each day to make a difference within it.

Come to our web site often. Your feedback is appreciated!

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Contact us

Emergency – 911

Dispatch Centre (24/7): 519 824-3232, press 0
Administration and general inquiries: 519-824-6590
Fire prevention: 519-763-8111
Fire Chief’s Office: 519-824-6590
Fax: 519-824-2147
Fire Prevention Bureau Fax: 519 837-5691

Facility Emergency Contact Information

On any given day, Guelph Fire Department (GFD) responds to many emergency and non-emergency type incidents at local businesses. This could range from fire alarm and/or sprinkler activations to actual fire or other hazardous incidents. One of the many things the department depends on when responding to an emergency incident, especially after business hours, is who we can contact to gain access and/or seek pertinent information from. Therefore, it is very important that the contact information we have on record is current.

Please ensure your facility contact information is up to date by completing and submitting the following:

Facility Emergency Contact Information Update Form

Station Tours and public events

The Guelph Fire Department invites the public to visit its facilities. Your request must be submitted 60 days in advance. Tours may be scheduled on the following days and times:

  • Morning station tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m.
  • Afternoon station tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 p.m.
  • Evening station tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 p.m.

No other times are available. Station tours are approximately 1 hour long.

Public events

Guelph Fire Department personnel will attend the following types of events

  • Career days
  • Civic groups
  • Community events
  • Life learning organizations (Boy Scouts, Girl Guides)
  • School events
  • Safety fairs

Guelph Fire Department personnel will not attend

  • Birthday parties
  • Store sales  and grand openings
  • Neighbourhood street parties (some exceptions)
  • Daycare/preschool under 5 years of age
  • Small community barbecues

The Guelph Fire Department will do all we can to honour your request.
Please complete the form below and email it to

Public Event Request Form


Commission on Fire Accreditation International

After many months of preparation, the Guelph Fire Department (GFD) officially became an accredited agency from the U.S. based internationally recognized Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). On March 8th, 2011 representatives from the Department attended a Commissioner’s meeting in the U.S. to appear before several CFAI Commission Members who voted unanimously for GFD to receive Accredited Agency status.

2011 Accreditation Award Ceremony: From left to right are CFAI Chairman Ernst Piercy, Guelph Fire Department Manager Harry Dunning, Fire Chief Shawn Armstrong, & Accreditation Coordinator Randy Gillis

The Commission’s decision was based on the findings of a Peer Team comprised of fire service professionals. The team conducted a site visit in Guelph during the week of September 13th 2010 where they verified and validated all documents prepared in accordance with the established criterion of the accreditation process, industry standards, and best practices. Upon completion of their site visit the team’s recommendation through a report to the Commission was for the Guelph Fire Department to receive Accredited Agency status. The report also contained 12 strategic, and 11 specific recommendations for the Department to consider for further improvement to its current operations and services.

Accredited Agency status is a highly sought after designation by fire departments worldwide, and as of the award date, GFD became one of only 141 accredited fire departments (4th in Canada, 2nd in Ontario). CFAI is designed to assist fire and emergency services in achieving excellence through voluntary self-assessment and accreditation in order to provide continuous quality improvement and enhancement of service delivery to their communities.

For the Department to maintain Accredited Agency status, 4 successive annual compliance reports must be submitted to the Commission, and prior to the each 5th year anniversary date the Department must be reaccredited by preparing all required documents in compliance with the latest edition of the Fire & Emergency Service Self-Assessment Manual. By following this process as its day-to-day business model, Guelph Fire Department will remain committed to providing enhanced emergency and non-emergency services to the community.

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