Our budget

The budget is our plan to wisely manage your money and deliver the services important to you, your family and your community. It outlines how we will bring money into the City and where we will spend it.

2017 Budget

The 2017 recommended budget will be released in four sections:

Here’s some additional information on our budget you may find helpful.

How does the City fund infrastructure?

We own a lot of infrastructure. Infrastructure includes the equipment and structures that we use and benefit from. Funding comes from your property taxes and sources like debt financing, gas taxes and development charges. But we’re each year we are still short when it comes to covering all our infrastructure needs.

Why is there a Stormwater fee?

After an extensive stormwater funding study, we found that we were not directing enough money to one of our important services. The study looked at various funding options and determined that the best way to balance fairness, equity and ease of administration was to move to a user-fee model. Going forward, Stormwater Management will now be included in the non-tax-supported budget.

2016 Budget

The 2016 budget was approved by City Council on December 10, 2016.

The City’s 2016 operating budget is $216 million and the capital budget is $61 million capital budget for 2016.

View the 2016 budget documents

Where is your money going in 2016?

Of every dollar the City collects in property taxes in 2016, $0.23 is provided to province for education, $0.27 helps funds the City’s local boards and shared services and $0.50 directly helps fund the services the City provides to you and your family.

The following shows where your $0.77 was directed.

City delivered services
  • Fire11.7%
  • General and capital financing10.6%
  • Administrative services7.2%
  • Roads and sidewalks7.1%
  • Transit6.8%
  • Waste4.9%
  • Parks and forestry4.2%
  • Culture and tourism2.8%
  • Emergency medical service (EMS)2.5%
  • Planning and economic development2.3%
  • Other services1.8%
  • Recreation1.7%
  • Infrastructure0.9%
  • Mayor and Council0.4%
Local boards and shared services
  • Police17.4%
  • Social services11.2%
  • Library3.9%
  • Public health1.8%
  • Long-term care (Elliot)0.7%