Community Plan – What’s next

Guelph’s Community Plan

What’s next?

Building momentum and tracking our progress

Guelph’s Community Plan presents a vision for the next 10 years and more—a vision shaped and co-created by the community.

This will be particularly valuable information as the City transitions to creating a new Strategic Plan and starts multi-year budgeting. However, this Plan isn’t just for the City.

Spelling out the future we want to achieve will help guide our collective efforts as local organizations, agencies, government and community members. It will help us to understand who’s working on what, highlight areas that need more attention, align different efforts and make priorities clearer.

To keep momentum, the City will continue to work together with the residents, organizations and businesses that helped build the Plan

Stay involved

Receive updates on Guelph’s Community Plan

Tracking and communicating our progress

The Plan provides us with a blueprint of the future. This forms the basis to measure our progress as a community. We will use international frameworks (World Council on City Data ISO Standard 37120) and local frameworks such as Toward Common Ground and The Guelph Community Foundation’s Vital Signs to establish a measurement framework that tells us what we need to know.

Facilitating focused community action

The research showed that the community is already working hard to achieve the majority of the Plan goals. Where further effort would be valuable is to support dialogue or innovative problem-solving in areas where there are significant challenges or when new opportunities come up.

Learning and celebrating significant acts of community building and innovative problem solving

Working together and learning from each other is incredibly important. Sharing stories and examples of excellence can enable and inspire others.