Community Plan – The Plan

A united vision

Purpose and vision

Guelph is growing at one of the fastest rates in Canada, with the population projected to increase from 130,000 people today to 169,000 by 2030. As our community grows and changes, we need a well-planned approach that steers us in directions we want to go.That’s what Guelph’s Community Plan is designed to do.

Over the course of more than a year, City staff consulted the people who live, work, study and visit here to develop a collective vision: what we care about, where our priorities lie, and what we want Guelph to look like over the next 10 to 20 years.

This Plan was shaped by the community, is owned by the community and will be implemented collaboratively by the community.

Guelph is a special place. Regardless of who we are, what we do or which ward we live in, we are passionate about protecting the things that set Guelph apart and tackling the challenges that face our community.

Our Community Plan will inform and inspire us as we move forward. It will guide the work of local government and agencies that serve our community and provide a framework for monitoring our progress.

Above all, it lays the foundation for a strong, welcoming and prosperous future for Guelph—and for everyone who lives here.

This is the community’s Plan—a Plan for all of us to help work together towards common ground.

cover of community plan

Stay involved


Our community’s values

Creating this Plan began with a lot of listening — a year of engaging individuals and organizations through social media, community events, telephone surveys, sector round tables and more. And the same messages kept coming up again and again.

Regardless of our age, where we live or where we come from, Guelph residents agree on seven basic values and priorities.

Everyone’s well-being

We’re a compassionate community concerned with nurturing healthy, active, happy people of all ages. We care about and want to provide support for those living with poverty, mental health concerns, homelessness and addiction.

Environmental stewardship

We’re passionate about our green spaces and the beauty of our natural environment. We understand the crucial need to take care of it. We are proud to be environmental leaders, helping address pressing national and international concerns.

Fiscal responsibility

We believe that doing what’s right for future generations includes making the right investments for the greatest return. We realize the challenges faced by many in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. Affordability, or more to the point, lack of affordability is a consistent theme through our engagement.


What we say matters, whether as individuals or organizations. How we behave matters even more. We believe in standing up for what’s right and standing behind our decisions.


We value creativity and curiosity. We value the beauty that follows innovation in its many forms: how we collaborate, express ourselves and solve problems. We embrace the blank page, the whiteboard and the untouched canvas.


Everyone here belongs here. We celebrate our differences and learn from each other. We challenge ourselves to look beyond our own experiences. We know that decisions are better when a diversity of voices are welcome, included and shared.


For each other and the land we share. For civil discourse and picking up after ourselves. For our elders. For our life choices, our right of expression, our right to be heard and our right to have a say in the decisions that affect us.