Community Plan – We move around freely

We move around freely

It’s easy to get around our neighbourhoods, our city and our region. Transit is a priority—it’s frequent, it’s affordable and it can get us to work and to neighbouring communities like Kitchener, Fergus and Hamilton. And we can get to Toronto in less than an hour. People feel safe walking, jogging, wheeling and riding their bikes through all corners of our city. Smart, clean technology is embedded in our infrastructure. Increased use of transit and active transportation routes help address the traffic congestion that can follow rapid growth.

Facilitate easy movement within our city

  • It is easy for everyone to get around our city year-round to work, play and contribute to our community (inclusive of ability and exceptionality)
  • There are viable transportation options that suit tight budgets and other needs, such as convenience and accessibility.
  • Connected, integrated networks across the city—north, south, east and west—make Guelph feel like one city.

Facilitate active transportation—and connection to nature—via natural trails

  • Abundant trail corridors connect neighbourhoods seamlessly, making it easy to get around the city by active modes of transportation. These corridors allow people of all abilities to experience and enjoy the benefits of wild spaces, natural areas and tree-rich environments.

Embrace future-ready infrastructure

  • People can move peacefully and efficiently around the city.
  • Smart and clean technologies are embedded in our infrastructure, making us resilient and eliminating our carbon footprint.
  • New partnerships and models sustain our growing infrastructure needs.
  • We make the best use of all our assets, such as the Guelph Junction Railway.

Connect regionally

  • Guelph is well-connected to our region and beyond, including Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Toronto, Hamilton and the County of Wellington.
  • High-frequency, reliable transportation options are accessible, affordable and get people to their destinations faster.

What we heard

What we care about

  • A transit system that provides frequent, thorough and reliable coverage.
  • Walkable neighbourhoods and bicycle infrastructure, be it for work, activities or recreation.
  • Keeping infrastructure aligned with growth: moving away from car culture while also addressing traffic congestion, limited parking and potholes.

How we can do better

  • Build better regional connectivity so that travel time to Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto is reduced.
  • Offer efficient ways to get around that also help reduce our carbon footprint and reduce traffic congestion such as public transit, expanded GO service, light rail and a regional transit system.
  • Provide adequate and free parking near transit hubs.
  • Explore downtown parking options, including making the downtown core becoming automobile-free or offering more free parking downtown.
  • Explore expanded cycling infrastructure, such as covered and secure bike lock-ups, and sidewalks and trails.
  • Create better connections between outlying neighbourhoods and downtown, as well as safer walking and bicycle infrastructure, such as lanes on busy roads and passages under bridges.