Strategic Plan Scan: Safety


7 plans deal with safety

City of Guelph Official Plan

City of Guelph
March 2018 Consolidation

Priority areas
  • Protecting what is valuable establishes policies and development criteria for: Health and safety provisions aimed at ensuring a diverse, healthy environment
  • Secondary Plans; Lists the Secondary Plans that have been adopted by Council and form part of the Official Plan
Relevant sections
  • Chapter 3: Planning a Complete and Healthy Community
  • Chapter 5: Movement of People and Goods – An Integrated Transportation System
  • Chapter 8: Urban Design
  • Section 11.1: Downtown Guelph Secondary Plan

Bicycle-Friendly Guelph: Cycling Master Plan

City of Guelph
February 2012

Priority areas
  • Education and encouragement
  • Promote a bicycle-friendly city: Collaborate with partners to reinforce safer share-the-road practices, Support safe cycling education and promotion
  • Enforcement: Protect a cycling-friendly environment: Create a cycling enforcement strategy, Enhance enforcement opportunities, Improve safety records, Review and suggest changes to municipal cycling laws and regulations

Think Youth: 2013-2048 Guelph Youth Strategy

City of Guelph
2013 to 2018

Priority area
  • Youth Safety: Endorse City of Guelph anti-bullying policy, Develop Safe Spaces for youth policy and program, Incorporate youth safety into municipal planning

Asset Management Plan

City of Guelph
2017 Interim Update

Priority area
  • Managing risks through: Understanding risk exposure, Implementing appropriate condition assessment, inspection, and performance evaluation strategies for all relevant assets

Safe Communities Wellington County: Strategic Plan

Safe Communities Wellington County
2018 to 2022

Priority area
  • Maintain Safe Community Designation

Framework & Theory of Change, Strategic Plan

Toward Common Ground
July 2018

Priority area
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences: Support the development and implementation of a community plan to prevent and mitigate the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy

Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy
2017 to 2022

Priority area
  • Community safety