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Join us as we talk all things City of Guelph. We’ll probe projects and policies, share the stories behind our strategies, discuss Council decisions, and explore the employees that serve this community.

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Wendy King

Big G In Conversation host: Wendy King

Guelph’s Anti-Racism Journey: May 11, 2021

On today’s show, we’re talking with four of Guelph’s community builders and equity leaders who are working to set the community standard for the elimination of systemic racism. If you have questions about this podcast, or topics you’d like us to bring into future conversations, please email us at [email protected].

Marva Wisdom

Marva Wisdom, senior equity practitioner and the Community Plan’s lead external advisor

Leen Al-Habash

Leen Al-Habash, project manager for the Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership

Nasra Hussein

Nasra Hussein, health equity advocate, community builder, and one of the local leaders of Black Lives Matter Guelph

Sara Sayyed

Sara Sayyed, director of Community Services with the Muslim Society of Guelph

What’s the plan?: April 20, 2021

In this episode, we’re talking with the folks from Engineering and Transportation Services, Planning and Building Services, Economic Development and Tourism, and Culture and Recreation about the plan for shaping Guelph to be future ready!

Greening Guelph: March 16, 2021

In this episode, we’re talking all about our parks, trees, climate change and the other kind of green—the cost to reach goals in keeping Guelph green.

In Council Chamber: February 16, 2021

In today’s episode, we’re talking with the folks from the City Clerk’s office all about City Council—Council composition, ward boundary review, voting methods and so much more!

Moving in the Future: November 17, 2020

Wendy King takes a virtual ride with Guelph Transit to see what’s planned for the future of transit in Guelph and the impacts on the budget. Grab a seat and join us!

Service in the 21st Century: November 12, 2020

Host Wendy King talks with City staff about customer service, and Guelph’s plans to modernize service to residents and businesses.

Growing Pains: November 3, 2020

Host Wendy King talks to staff about the good and the challenge of growing the city of Guelph.

Building our city of Guelph: October 27, 2021

Big budget bucks… the cost of maintaining and replacing city infrastructure.

Impact of COVID-19: October 20, 2020

COVID-19 has left its mark on Guelph. Host Wendy King talks with staff about how this pandemic has hit City services, the community and of course, the budget.

2021 Budget: October 13, 2020

If the City of Guelph budget were a concert, what would it be like to be backstage? Wendy talks to City staff about their completely new budget process.