Death registration / certificates

How to register a death

For deaths occurring in the City of Guelph, the funeral director usually completes the Statement of Death with information about the deceased. The physician or coroner attending the death also completes the Medical Certificate of Death, which contains the cause of death information. Both forms are forwarded to the City Clerk’s Division along with the $35 registration fee. Once received and recorded by the City Clerk, they are forwarded to the Office of the Registrar General for registration.

How to obtain a death certificate

Death Certificate Applications can be obtained from Service Guelph, 1 Carden St, Guelph or downloaded from Request for Death Certificate Form.

Note: Wait times are always shorter mid-month. Save yourself time by avoiding the end-ofmonth lineup.

Need more information?

Inquiries can be directed to staff in the City Clerk’s Office at 519-837-5603 or by email to [email protected] .