Students living off-campus

Students living off-campus

Welcome to the neighbourhood
Guelph is a great place to live, and we want you to feel at home.




Get to know Guelph

Visit Guelph

Guelph offers visitors and residents critically-acclaimed restaurants and accommodations, entertaining and educational activities, and a wide variety of shopping.

Concerts and community events

Guelph Transit Logo

Students at the University of Guelph can use their valid student cards to travel on Guelph Transit. Students must have their bus pass stickers on their student cards in order to use.Transit routes and schedules

Downtown Guelph


Watch the Guelph Storm play hockey Friday night, and spend Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market. Come downtown for lunch, cocktails or dinner; take in a concert, a festival or a night at the theatre.Downtown dining and shopping

Party planning tips

Your neighbourhood should be clean, safe and enjoyable. The City has stepped-up enforcement to help people at your party get home safely, respect your neighbours and comply with City bylaws.

Designate drivers and a sober host

A sober host controls the music volume, and stays in charge of who gets in to your party. If your neighbours call, or police or bylaw officers show up, your sober host should do the talking and be co-operative.

Keep out “randoms”

who don’t care if you or your friends are charged with noise or alcohol violations. Don’t let the party overflow into your yard, your neighbour’s yard or the street.

Park properly

Follow posted rules about parking, and don’t block driveways or sidewalks. Parking is not permitted on sidewalks, boulevards or grassed areas. On-street overnight parking is not permitted from December 1 to March 31 unless otherwise posted.

Party somewhere else

Your neighbours are bound to get annoyed if there’s always a party next door. If officers show up at your place more than once, then find another place to party.

Clean up

cups, cans, bottles or garbage from your yard, your neighbours’ yards and the street immediately. Your neighbours may be more tolerant of the next party if they know you’ll clean up the mess.

Tell your neighbours (or invite them)

Tell your neighbours when the party will end, and make sure it ends on time. Introduce your neighbours to your sober host, and tell them how to get in touch if there’s a problem. Remember, just because you told them about the party doesn’t mean they have to put up with excessive noise or belligerent behaviour.

Ways to attract (unwanted) police attention

Loud music or yelling

Crowds of people outside

Underage drinking

Belligerent behaviour

Illegal parking

People leaving your party with open containers
People urinating outside

Sell liquor tickets at your keg party – that’s illegal

If you have uninvited guests who refuse to leave or you feel things are getting out of hand, call Guelph Police for assistance 519-824-1212.

Safe Semester project

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in September, the City restricts traffic and parking to increase safety for people walking and driving downtown.

Get the most out of living off campus

Off Campus Living at the University of Guelph works with students, residents, landlords, and the City of Guelph to facilitate communication and ease the way for students living in Guelph. We offer landlord/tenant mediation, lease review, Move Out Madness, Bulky Item Pick-up, info sessions on how to be successful living off campus, housing rental listings, and much, much more
Off Campus Living at the University of Guelph

Get to know your neighbours

Pop over and say hello! Your neighbours can help you find local stores and restaurants, tell you which day is your garbage collection day, and show you the closest transit stop. A wave goes a long way toward building a friendly and respectful relationship.


519-836-7275, press 2

Parking is not permitted on sidewalks, boulevards or grassed areas. On-street overnight parking is not permitted from December 1 to March 31 unless otherwise posted. On-street overnight parking are available on request.

Noise and nuisance parties


Guelph Police Services non-emergency number.

A noise complaint can be made at any time of day or night and those responsible may be liable under Guelph’s Noise Control By-law. If you stand at your neighbour’s property line and hear noise from your property, then you may be too loud.

Messy yards or run-down buildings

519-837-2529 extension 4

Please call or email [email protected] if your neighbours have any of the following violations of Guelph’s Property Standards or Yard Maintenance By-laws:

  • grass or weeds longer than 20 centimetres (8 inches)
  • litter, debris or pet waste in yard
  • dead or decaying trees posing a safety hazard
  • dismantled, unlicensed or inoperable vehicles
  • fence, porch, roof or other structures in disrepair

Snow removal


Remember, be nice and clear the ice. Clearing sidewalks around your home makes it safer for everyone. Be an even better neighbour by volunteering for the Snow Angels program.

Fire safety


Guelph Fire and Emergency Services non-emergency number.

  • Outdoor open air burning is not permitted at any time.
  • Plan your escape; make sure you have a safe way out in case of fire.
  • Make an emergency preparedness kit

Learn more about fire safety and emergency preparedness at



Guelph has a three-stream waste collection system. People sort waste into green (organics), blue (recyclable), and grey (garbage) carts. Get sorting instructions and waste collection schedules at

  • Properly sorted waste should be placed within one foot of the curb on you collection day.
  • Waste that is not picked up (improperly sorted or put out on the wrong day) must be removed by 7 p.m.
  • Halloween pumpkins can be broken up and placed in the green cart.
  • Do not place waste carts on top of snow banks. Place carts in the mouth of your driveway if you have one.
  • Call or email [email protected] about large/bulky item pick-up for furniture or appliances, and proper disposal of paint cans, batteries, electronics and other household hazardous waste.

Tenant safety


You have the right to be safe in your home. Your rental unit should have:

  • Smoke alarms on every level and outside every sleeping area
  • Carbon monoxide alarms installed
  • Two safe ways to exit the building in case of fire
  • If there is a bedroom in the basement, the basement should have a big enough window or door to exit in case of fire
  • Call or email [email protected] to schedule and inspection

Learn more about fire safety and emergency preparedness at

Pets and wildlife

519-837-5629 press 5

In most areas, pets must be kept on a leash and under control. Dogs must be licensed, and some parks have off-leash areas. All pet owners are required to stoop and scoop pet waste.

The Guelph Humane Society also offers a pet registration program that includes online dog licensing and payments, lost pet services and discounts for pet owners.