How to drain your pool, spa or hot tub

Please don’t pour hazardous materials and chemicals into Guelph’s storm sewers

Hazardous materials and chemicals are one of the top threats to the quality of our drinking and tap water. When we pour chemicals down the drain, we threaten the quality of our drinking water. Even a small amount of a chemical, like your pool, spa or hot tub water can contribute to a toxic level of contamination in our drinking water. It’s important that residents and businesses dispose of chemicals properly, to keep our water safe.

The City of Guelph’s drinking water source is groundwater. As such, and under the Clean Water Act, a considerable area within the City is considered to be vulnerable from a water quality and quantity perspective.

The chorine or salt you use in your pool or hot tub can be harmful to nature and wildlife. Draining your pool or hot tub into a storm drain sends those chemicals directly into Guelph’s rivers, creeks and other waterways. You can be fined up to $25,000 under the City of Guelph Sewer Use Bylaw.

Help protect our environment

Chlorinated pools

Let your pool, spa or hot tub sit uncovered and untreated at least two weeks to allow the chlorine to dissipate naturally. You may also neutralize the water using dechlorination tablets.

If possible, please drain into your laundry tub or another drain connected to the City’s sanitary sewer system. The City will filter and treat the water before it travels back into the environment. This reduces potential impacts on fish, plants, pollinators and other wildlife.

If there isn’t a sink or drain you can use, use your lawn or garden. The ground acts as a natural filter to help remove chlorine before it travels into our rivers and waterways. Drain the water slowly so the ground can absorb it and be careful not to let water flow onto any other property.

Salt water pools

You must drain salt water using your laundry tub or other drain connected to City’s sanitary sewer system or arrange for a licensed water hauler to drain your pool or hot tub.

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