School zones

Elementary school zone speed limits

The City has implemented reduced speed limits in elementary school zones across Guelph. There are two reduced speed limits in school zones:

  • 40 km/h speed limits in effect on school days from 7:45 to 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. on all arterial roads, and on collector roads with more than 3,000 vehicles per day (except for Waterloo Avenue at Guelph Montessori School and Scottsdale Drive at Priory Park Public School and École élémentaire catholique Saint-René-Goupil which have static 40 km/h speed limit); and
  • 30 km/h speed limits in effect at all times on all local roads, and on collector roads with less than 3,000 vehicles per day.

The Highway Traffic Act currently only allows municipalities to use time and date specific speed limits where installed signs have flashers or are motorized. The City reserves these types of signs for use on arterial roads and collector roads with more than 3,000 vehicles per day. Should the Highway Traffic Act be amended to allow standard signs to include time-in-effect information, the City plans to update 30 km/h reduced school zone speed limits to be in effect for the same periods as the 40 kilometre per hour zones.

School zone speed enforcement

Reduced school zone speed limits are enforced by Guelph Police Services staff. To report a problem, please call 519- 824-1212.

Schools and streets with reduced speed limits

All public, catholic and private elementary schools in Guelph are included in the program to reduce speeds in school zones. Reduced speed school zones are designated where there is school activity along the roadway. In some cases this means that roads behind or beside a school may have reduced speed limits in addition to the road at the front of a school.

The following roads have 40 km/h when flashing signs in the indicated school zones. The reduced limit is in effect Monday to Friday, September to June, between 8 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m.:

  • College Avenue, Guelph Community Christian School
  • Grange Road, Ken Danby Public School and Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • Imperial Road, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
  • Paisley Road, Paisley Road Public School
  • Speedvale Avenue, Resurrection Christian Academy
  • Stevenson Street, Edward Johnson Public School and Holy Rosary Catholic School
  • Victoria Road, Trillium Waldorf School
  • Victoria Road, St. John Catholic School
  • Victoria Road, St. Patrick Catholic School
  • Watson Parkway, École Guelph Lake Public School
  • Willow Road, Willow Road Public School
  • Willow Road, Westwood Public School
  • Willow Road, Mitchell Woods Public School

The following roads have 30 km/h signs. The reduced limit is in effect at all times:

  • Alice Street, Sacred Heart Catholic School
  • Bishop Court, Mary Phelan Catholic School
  • Brant Avenue, Brant Avenue Public School
  • Brighton Street, École élémentaire l’Odyssée
  • Clairfields Drive, St. Paul Catholic School
  • Colonial Drive, Sir Isaac Brock Public School
  • Colonial Drive, St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
  • Couling Crescent, École Guelph Lake Public School
  • Dublin Street, Central Public School
  • Dumbarton Street, Resurrection Christian Academy
  • Emma Street, Holy Rosary Public School
  • Exhibition Street, Victory Public School
  • Fergus Street, Guelph Montessori School
  • Forest Street, Cornerstone Christian School
  • Galt Street, Guelph Montessori School
  • Gateway Drive, Gateway Drive Public School
  • Goodwin Drive, Westminster Woods Public School
  • Guelph Street, St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Hall Avenue, Westminster Woods Public School
  • Huron Street, Sacred Heart Catholic School
  • Ironwood Road, F.A. Hamilton Public School
  • June Avenue, June Avenue Public School
  • Knightswood Boulevard, Resurrection Christian Academy
  • Laurine Avenue, John Galt Public School
  • Lee Street, William C. Winegard Public School
  • Lemon Street, King George Public School
  • McCann Street, École Arbor Vista Public School
  • McElderry Road, St Michael Catholic School
  • Metcalfe Street, King George Public School
  • Ottawa Crescent, Ottawa Crescent Public School
  • Rickson Avenue, Rickson Ridge Public School
  • Rosewood Avenue, St. Joseph Catholic School
  • Ptarmigan Drive, Kortright Hills Public School
  • Severn Drive, École Guelph Lake Public School
  • St. Catharine Street, King George Public School
  • Stephanie Drive, Taylor Evans Public School
  • Water Street, John McCrae Public School
  • Waverley Drive, Waverely Drive Public School
  • Westwood Road, St. Peter Catholic School
  • Westwood Road, Westwood Public School
  • Wilton Road, Trillium Waldorf School
  • Windsor Street, Waverley Drive Public School
  • Winston Crescent, John Galt Public School
  • Youngman Drive, Jean Little Public School
  • Zaduk Place, Zaduk Place Public School

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