Community Speed Awareness Program

Your safety matters to us.

The Community Speed Awareness Program is a safety initiative that lets drivers know their actual operating speed while bringing awareness about the speed limits on residential roads.

How it works

We install temporary radar speed signs on streets throughout the city, based on community requests.

Each street location will have two radar speed signs, one in each direction.

Signs are installed spring through fall each year, subject to weather and available staff resources.

Sign locations and types of signs

We want to ensure the radar speed signs are equally and fairly distributed throughout the city. Once a street location has been a part of the program, it will not be considered for another speed radar sign installation until the following year. This may change if we are able to increase the number of signs or if there are no more new location requests.

We have six battery-operated signs that rotate every two weeks to three different streets throughout the city. These signs are only used for lower volume roads, like Kipling Avenue or Silurian Drive. We only have six signs, so once the program is scheduled for the year, requests will close.

Staff monitor the program closely and make adjustments as needed.

How can I request my street?

Please contact [email protected] with information including Street name and street section.


The radar speed signs display and record individual vehicle speeds, and record the number of vehicles travelling on the street, known as the average daily traffic (ADT).

The signs do not take photos or record any personal information such as the license plate number, colour or make of vehicle.

We report back on the 85th percentile speed for each street monitored. This means we look at the speed at which 85 per cent of vehicles are travelling at or below. We also report on the average speed for each street monitored.

We review all traffic speed and volume data to determine if there is a need for further traffic assessment.

For more information

Traffic Services
[email protected]
519-822-1260 extension 3414