Residential parking

Parking at residential properties

Did you know that the City of Guelph has numerous standards in place to preserve the “Residential Character” of residential neighbourhoods?

Some of these standards relate to the types of vehicles that may park on a residential property and, if permitted, where they must be parked.

Parking exemptions

Register overnight guests for parking exemptions. For questions regarding exemptions, please call us at 519-836-7277.

Parking exemptions registration

Front yard parking

All vehicles that are permitted to park in front of a house are confined to the legal driveway only. This means that vehicles may not park on the front lawn or any other landscaped area of a front yard.

Commercial vehicles

A commercial vehicle may not park on a residential property when it:

  • exceeds a gross vehicle empty weight of 3000 kilograms,
  • exceeds a height of 2.6 metres
  • exceeds an overall length greater than 6 metres

A tow truck, tilt/n/load, dump truck, tractor trailer, semitrailer or any component thereof, are not permitted on a residential property.

These commercial vehicles must be parked in an appropriate non-residential zone.


Driveways are regulated by the Zoning By-law. The maximum driveway width permitted is dependent on the properties zoning designation. Parking is required to be within the permitted driveway and cannot be on any portion of the grass or landscaped open space.

Curb cut widenings

Should you wish to have the city curb cut widened, an application form and payment along with your current curb cut width must be submitted to Building Services. A determination will be made as to whether your property is able to have a wider curb cut. Engineering Services will arrange to have the work completed. Please do not destroy city property in an attempt to complete the work yourself.

Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers

  • No boat shall be parked or stored except in a garage or a rear yard
  • No recreational vehicle (RV) shall be parked or stored except in a garage, side yard or rear yard.
    • When the RV is a converted bus, it shall only be parked or stored in a garage or rear yard
    • No RV shall be occupied or used for living or residential purposes
    • When an RV is parked or stored in a side yard, it shall be minimum 1 metre away from the side lot line on a paved portion of the property
    • No RV shall occupy or obstruct any access to or from the required off-street parking space
  • Every utility trailer, boat trailer and unmounted camper top shall be parked or stored behind the front wall of the main building or in a garage or carport

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