Residential parking

Front yard

Please don’t park any vehicle on your front lawn or landscaped area in the front yard

Apply for wider curb cut/driveway

Please complete an Entrance Permit Application to get permission to widen the curb cut at the mouth of your driveway. Do not complete any work on City property until you have received permission from the City.

Commercial vehicles

A commercial vehicle may not park on a residential property when it:

  • exceeds a gross vehicle empty weight of 3000 kilograms,
  • exceeds a height of 2.6 metres
  • exceeds an overall length greater than 6 metres

Tow trucks, tilt and load truck, dump truck, tractor trailer, semitrailer or any component thereof, are not allowed to park in residential areas.

Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers

  • Please store boats, trailers, campers and other recreational vehicles in a garage, side yard or rear yard.
  • Using or living in a parked or stored recreational vehicle is not permitted.
  • Recreational vehicles parked or stored in a side yard, must be at least 1 metre away from the side lot line on a paved portion of the property.
  • Recreational vehicles must not occupy or obstruct any access to or from the required off-street parking space
  • Every utility trailer, boat trailer and unmounted camper top shall be parked or stored behind the front wall of the main building or in a garage or carport.

For more information

Parking on private property
Zoning Services
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Parking on the road (City property)
Bylaw Compliance
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