Who does what

For comments or questions regarding the following topics, please contact:

Item Contact Telephone
Trails Parks and Forestry 519-837-5626
Traffic Signal Timing/Design Engineering 519-837-5604
Signal Malfunction: Intersection on flash, bulb burn out Engineering 519-837-5604
Audible/Accessible Pedestrian Signals Engineering 519-837-5604
Intersection Pedestrian Signals Engineering 519-837-5604
Signal Timing on Hanlon Expressway, also Highways 6&7 outside of City limits Ministry of Transportation of Ontario 1-519-873-4100 (London)
Signal timing on Wellington County Roads County of Wellington 519-837-2600
Patio/Cafe applications/guidelines Realty Services 519-822-1260
x 2416
Traffic Volume Collection Engineering 519-837-5604
Public Loading Zones Engineering 519-837-5604
Sign installation & maintenance Operations 519-837-5628
Speed limits-changes Engineering 519-837-5604
Speed limits-enforcement Guelph Police Service 519-824-1212
Road painting Operations 519-837-5628
Road painting design Engineering 519-837-5604
School Crossing Locations Engineering 519-837-5604
School Kiss N’ Ride Zones Engineering 519-837-5604
Capital Construction Projects Engineering 519-837-5604
Road Closures (detours) Operations 519-837-5628
Traffic Calming Engineering 519-837-5604
On-street parking (requests to remove/add/amend) Engineering 519-837-5604
Parking Enforcement/Overnight Exemptions Bylaw 519-837-2529
Parking passes/monthly permits Engineering 519-837-5604
Parking Ticket (Infraction) Queries Bylaw 519-837-2529
Parking meter bag rentals Engineering 519-837-5604
Parking meter malfunctions Operations 519-837-5628
Traffic By-laws Engineering 519-837-5604
Sight Obstructions on right-of-way Engineering 519-837-5604
Sight Obstructions on private property Building Services 519-837-5615
Adult School Crossing Guards Engineering 519-837-5604
Student Safety Patrols Guelph Police Services 519-824-1212
Subdivision developments Engineering Services 519-837-5604
Transit Stop locations Transit Services 519-822-1811
Transit Routes Transit Services 519-822-1811
Monthly Transit Passes Transit Services 519-822-1811
Special Events (on roadways/sidwalks)/Street Parties Engineering 519-837-5604
Special Events Recreation and Parks 519-837-5678
Snow removal Operations 519-837-5628
Oversize Load Permits Engineering 519-837-5604
Loose leaf collection Operations 519-837-5628
Downtown Waste Collection Downtown Operations 519-822-1260 extension 2888
Advertising on Norfolk Street pedestrian bridge Building Services 519-837-5615
Dumpsters on roadways Engineering 519-837-5604

Or by email

Operations: operations@guelph.ca
Transit Services: transit@guelph.ca
Bylaw compliance: bylaw@guelph.ca
Booking and Event Coordinator: specialevents@guelph.ca