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Guelph takes water conservation seriously. We are the largest community in Canada that relies almost completely on groundwater for our water supply. Compared to other cities near rivers or lakes, Guelph’s water supply takes much longer to replenish, and it’s more vulnerable to overuse.

That’s why we created the Blue Built Home certification program.

Why is this program important?

This program is about using less water in your home.

When you use less water, the City uses less energy to deliver water to our community and process it after it goes down the drain. Using less water also means:

  • we can delay having to find and bring on new water sources which has costs related to building new wells, treatment facilities and underground pipes;
  • we have the water we need during climate change events like extreme hot weather and drought; and
  • we can make sure there’s enough water for our community now, and as it grows.

Making your home a Blue Built Home is just one way you can help save water. Check out these other water rebate programs to save even more.

Step 1: sign up your home or multi-residential property

If you own or you are building a home or multi-residential building in Guelph that is serviced by the municipal water supply, you can:

Step 2: choose water saving options

To certify your home or multi-residential building units you must complete one of the following three options.

About options A and B

Options Certification requirements Rebate
Option A Install a greywater reuse system to flush your toilets and you could save more than $300 a year $1,000
Option B Install and all-season indoor/outdoor rainwater harvesting system to flush your toilets and water lawns and gardens and you could save more than $400 a year $2,000

About option C

Option C Choose at least two primary, and one other requirement Rebate (each)
Primary Install an EnergyStar® rated washing machine that uses 5,500 gallons per year or less. $50
Primary Install a WaterSense® toilets* (less than or equal to 4.0 litres per flush,all of these items in the home or unit must qualify.) $50
Primary Install an Energy Star® dishwasher n/a
Primary Install an efficient hot water distribution system Up to $100
Primary Install WaterSense® showerheads (less than or equal to 6.6 litres per minute, all of these items in the home or unit must qualify.) $10
Secondary Install WaterSense® bathroom faucets or faucet aerators (less than or equal to 5.7 litres per minute, all of these items in the home or unit must qualify.) n/a
Secondary Install a permanent water sub-meter $100
Secondary Install a temporary water sub-meter $100
Secondary Install a waterless floor drain trap primer $20
Secondary Complete a Healthy Landscape visit for Blue Built Home n/a
Secondary Other water saving product or technology as approved by the City of Guelph As approved by the City of Guelph

Please read the Blue Built Home Terms and Conditions before you buy or install water-efficient systems and submit a certification and rebate claim form.

Step 3: submit your certification and rebate claim form

When we receive your Blue Built Home Certification and Rebate Claim Form and complete any required verifications (i.e. building inspection, submission of receipts) we will issue your rebate.

Once a rebate has been provided for an item through the Blue Built Home program, you cannot apply for any other City of Guelph rebates for that same product, technology or renovation.

Note: Actual water bill savings may vary. Estimates are based on the difference between Blue Built Homes with all possible water efficient options installed, and the equivalent home built to the Ontario Building Code standard. An average water use for three people is assumed for single-family homes and two people for apartments.

For more information

Contact us with any questions you have about certifying your home or building, or to request promotional materials.

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