Young worker testimonials


I began working for the City of Guelph when I moved here for University, and have been proudly working here since. For the past 3 summers, I have worked with the City of Guelph Summer Day Camps. Even though I was a student working for the summer, there was great potential for growth within the camp staff. I was able to start out as a camp counsellor and move my way up as I learned more and gained relevant experience. Once summer camp was over, the City still offered flexible hours that worked with my class schedule, by working with after school programs or weekend programs. My supervisors truly want to see me succeed and offer the support and positive guidance that makes coming to work exciting and fun. Combined with great supervisors are the amazing staff around me, who work together as a team to support and encourage each other both on and off the job. My experience working with the City of Guelph has been amazing, and a lot of what I have to offer as a person and an employee are largely attributed to my experiences as a City of Guelph employee. Now a recent graduate, I am eager to see what is next, and I look forward to working with the City of Guelph Summer Day Camps again this summer.


In December 2011 I started my career at the City of Guelph as a high school student. My first position with the City was as a part-time Market Square Attendant at the newly built ice pad in front of City Hall. After my initial interview with City staff, I thought and felt that working at the City would be a good place to work, but I was wrong; working at the City of Guelph is a great place to work. On my first day at work, I felt that I was welcomed with open arms and genuine smiles from everyone that I worked with and met. From that first day, things at the City only got better. Not only was I working with true professionals, I was blessed to have the opportunity to meet and interact with so many wonderful people of the Public attending the City facilities. I quickly learnt that the City of Guelph staff truly enjoys serving and bringing joy to the people and visitors to our City. In the summer months, I worked at the water feature splash pad in front of City Hall. Following High School, I attended Conestoga College where I completed with Honours, the Heavy Equipment Operator and Maintainer course. Upon completing this course, I was a successful applicant and became a full-time employee. One of the many reasons that the City of Guelph is a great employer is the opportunities that are afforded to an employee to apply for different positions to enhance their skills and to make the employee a more versatile and better-trained employee.

I am so honoured to be working for such a great organization like the City of Guelph. I truly enjoy the feeling I get at the end of every shift knowing that I have been able to help so many members of the public and that I am able to make a difference to the City of Guelph. I wish to continue my career with the City of Guelph for as long as possible. I would not hesitate to definitely recommend to everyone, that the City of Guelph as a fantastic employer!


I am the Accessibility Services Assistant at the City of Guelph.  My role includes coordinating the One2One program, recruiting volunteers, monitoring program participation, assisting accessibility services among many other things.  Working here has been an incredible experience for me so far.  I have been able to expand my work experience, am working in a field I hope to be in after graduation and have experienced a real (and welcoming) work environment.  I genuinely enjoy the work that I am doing and it is really validating to see my work experience go hand in hand with the degree that I am pursuing.  I would recommend this position to any university student looking for experience in community and social services.


I started with the City of Guelph as a Co-op student with the Roads department through my high school, the following years I was a summer labourer with the Boulevards department.

My current role is a Sorter at the Material Recovery Facility. The City of Guelph is a great place to work because of the new experiences every day and making new friends.

Nora Cigljarev

I have been working with the City of Guelph for four years as a dance instructor, a camp counsellor and a leader at their preschool program. My roles require me to provide fun and inclusive activities for children ages 3-14 in a safe environment. As a young worker, my experience with the City has always been positive due to the wonderful staff who are constantly supportive and encouraging. Their programs and positions offer flexible hours that are ideal for students such as myself. I have enjoyed their creative and positive work atmosphere, especially with the summer day camps. The City has helped me gain a large amount of experience working with children which is beneficial to my future since I plan to pursue teaching. Their programs have allowed for so many opportunities to learn and grow as an individual.


My name is Toby and I work at the West End Community Centre as an Aquatic Instructor, Lifeguard, Deck Supervisor, and an Aquafit boot camp instructor. I have worked at this facility for three years. I teach swimming to all ages. My favourite groups are Swim Kids which are swimmers from ages 7-15. These swimmers are always up for a challenge which keeps me on my toes.  I also lifeguard on the weekends, in the evenings and every Monday night I teach Aqua Boot camp to adults seeking fitness improvement.

I love working at the West End Community Centre. At this facility I am surrounded by amazing co-workers in which I call my friends. My Facility Managers are super friendly and are very approachable. Furthermore, I am provided with many opportunities to contribute to the community and to help many kids overcome their fear of swimming in the water. Through this job I have learned many skills that I can use in my life, and I have created great relationships in my community.


Hi, my name is Shannon and I am currently working as a Wading Pool Attendant for the City of Guelph. My job as a Wading Pool Attendant is much more than looking out for the safety of the people there. I am required to maintain the pool chlorine and pH levels, make sure the pool itself is free of any debris, and to make relationships with those who show up and create a safe and welcoming environment. Being a teenager working for the City has been such an excellent experience because I’ve been exposed to different tasks and opportunities that I normally wouldn’t get with the average part-time job. I have made so many strong relationships with my fellow employees as well as the customers that come to the wading pool. The City of Guelph provided me with this incredible job with the best work environment. The summer jobs available through the City of Guelph are fantastic jobs that help develop many everyday skills such as customer service and daily maintenance. Everyone who I have worked with has been so friendly and supportive. I loved being a Wading Pool Attendant so much that I actually applied for a second summer.


I joined Guelph Youth Council in grade 10 as a way to gain volunteer experience, but it has become so much more than that. Being on GYC for the last 3 years has made me feel connected to my community, helped me to have a voice in things affecting myself and my peers, and allowed me to grow as a leader. Some of the best things we have done as a council are the time we dressed in full body-coloured suits for the campaign against flavoured tobacco (which was recently banned in Ontario), as well as when we collected surveys with Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health about smoking in public places (which lead to the new Smoke-Free Ontario legislation). It is these activities, these real-life impacts that have made being a part of GYC so rewarding and helped me to see that I truly can be a part of positive change in my community.


Working at City Hall for my co-op position this semester has not only allowed me to gain knowledge on my anticipated career path but in all the different divisions that the City of Guelph has to offer.  Working here is the best way to learn as much as you can about the community and all the people working behind the scenes to make Guelph the wonderful city that it is. Through my position here this semester I have gained hands-on experience in the field I am hoping to pursue in the future. I would recommend a placement with the City of Guelph to any students hoping to gain experience in a striving workplace environment.


My name is Saman and I did my 4th year University practicum placement at the Guelph City Hall. I worked with Youth Services and Human Resources Department. It truly has been a pleasure to work for the City of Guelph because I really got a chance to explore and learn new things as I worked on two main projects. I helped initiate the youth-friendly employer recognition program and assisted in redeveloping the career’s page on the City’s website. I cannot express how much knowledge I have gained and amazing people I have met through meetings and working with youth council. I would recommend working with the City of Guelph to anyone who is hoping to work in an enriching environment with supportive staff!


Working at the City of Guelph has been a privilege and an amazing learning opportunity. I learned a significant amount of things from a professional business perspective and environment. For example, I was taught how to speak to customers in a proficient and respectful manner and complete all work in a timely and orderly fashion. I learned an incredible amount about the type of hard work that is completed on a day to day basis in a Human Resources setting and received exposure to every part of Human Resources such as Payroll, Staffing, Benefits and more. Thank you to the City of Guelph Human Resources Department for allowing me this amazing opportunity.