Young workers

We are proud to welcome youth to a place where you can learn and work at the same time! The City of Guelph is recognized as a Youth-Friendly Community and we are committed to helping you make a difference in the community.

Opportunities for young workers

We offer different ways for you to grow your customer and community service skills, teamwork and even leadership skills through meaningful work.

Whether it’s:

  • Part-time or seasonal employment
  • Co-op/internship placement, or
  • Volunteer work

We have a variety of jobs to suit your needs and interests

Part-time and seasonal

  • Flexible hours make it easier for you work and focus on your school.
  • A chance to work outdoor or indoors, giving experience in variety of different environments
  • Competitive wages

Sound interesting? Check our current openings and information on part time and seasonal opportunities.

Co-op opportunities

Paid co-ops

We hire students based on four-month terms that relates to the student’s field of study. These opportunities are advertised directly to schools. Summer opportunities can be counted towards a co-op term if determined suitable by your school.

High school co-ops

We support the Specialized High Skills Program offered at both local school boards. Different specialized areas include:

  • Environment
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Public Sector Administration
  • Arts & Culture
  • Technology

High school co-op opportunities are posted directly with the school’s co-op office.

Recruitment tips and tricks

Looking for some tips and tricks? Visit our recruitment process and tips page for information on the following.

  • How our job postings work
  • The application process
  • How we screen your resume
  • What to expect if you are short listed for a position

Job profiles

Job profiles can help you prepare for the education/experience needed for some of our entry level full time positions.

Co-op/career offices and employment organizations

Co-op/career offices located at your educational institution offer resume workshops and employment coaching. Employment organizations in the community also provide excellent services to help you develop your resume/cover letter. Some of these include:

Preparing young workers for success

There are several programs and tools to help you prepare and succeed in the municipal workplace.

  • Corporate/seasonal orientation: focuses on our corporate values of Integrity, Excellence and Wellness
  • Defensive drivers training/Book 7 teaches new staff that will drive a City vehicle how to be safe on the road and in the community
  • Wellness programs offer: employees a variety of different programs to support health and well-being. The programs change seasonally and include fitness classes and equipment, nutrition counselling and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Career Services assists employees to craft strong resumes, provides interview coaching, and discover the qualifications needed for specific roles
  • Specific, in-depth on-the-job-training

Frequently asked questions

Is it best to give my cell-phone number or home phone on my resume?

Provide both, or the one that you think you would be easiest reached at. Please list your preferred method of contact first. Be sure to include your email, if you have one. We often use email for correspondence.

One of my parents work for the City. Am I guaranteed a job?

No. Applicants that have relatives that work for the City would have to apply like anyone else and go through our recruitment process, which includes screening based on experience, qualifications, interview and references. The candidates which most closely meet the requirements of the job would be considered first. If hired, the employee would not be able to be supervised by the relative.

Do I have to be a student to apply for summer jobs?

No. Our summer opportunities are open to anyone who is looking for seasonal type work.

How flexible are my hours?

This depends on the position. Some positions have more flexibility in terms of scheduling than others. Each part time position will be indicated in the job title and hours will be spelled out in the posting. Often it does indicate some level of flexibility.

When can I expect to get a response once applying for a job?

If you applied using our online application system you should receive a notification immediately after you submit your application. If the job asks for you to submit your resume to [email protected] you will often get acknowledgement of your submission within 24 to 48 hours. It takes a bit of time to review the applications. If you are selected for an interview, you can be called up to three weeks after the posting was closed.

Who do I contact if I am having troubles finding a job or submitting my application?

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties please feel free to email [email protected].

How do I know it is part time, full time, or just summer?

This information will be in the posting. If it is temporary or part time it will usually say this right in the title. Full time positions would not have anything except the job title.

What if I do not have transportation to go to my work place?

Our City facilities are on Guelph Transit routes. For more information about routes and which bus you would need to take please refer to Guelph Transit schedules and maps.

Where can I learn more about working at the City of Guelph?

Seasonal and part-time employees have a site that gives useful information about being part of the City of Guelph team. It has some tools to help you learn more about working for the public and making health and safety a priority. Specific topics include: safety policy, our corporate values, respect in the workplace, and attendance.

When can I resign from a job?

It is often recommended that you give one to two weeks’ notice if you are able to.