My parking and transportation

Our employees have lots of options to help them get to work at The City of Guelph. Take a moment to read through the following options, and choose which is right for you.

Riding a bike

Guelph trails connect to all of our City facilities, and each building has a bike rack to help commuting to and between our facilities.

Using transit

Staff who are eligible for a parking pass can exchange it for an annual transit pass, good for unlimited use on transit service in Guelph.

Staff based out of City Hall who are eligible for a parking pass can trade in their parking pass and receive a monthly transit pass for free. This is a 100% taxable benefit.

Staff based out of satellite locations can show proof of employment and receive a monthly pass for 50% discount which is a taxable benefit.

Who qualifies for 50% off a monthly pass?

All City employees who do not work out of City Hall (including full-time, casual, contract, co-op, and summer staff) are eligible for a discounted transit pass.

  • How to get an OnYourWay fare card: Go to Service Guelph, Guelph Transit, or a recreation centre to purchase a discounted monthly transit pass, or trade-in your parking permit for an annual bus pass at the parking office located at City Hall. The initial cards are free; replacement cards will provided for a $5 fee.
  • How to get the Taxable Benefit: Complete and submit the bus pass taxable benefit form.

For more information contact [email protected] or call 519-822-1260 extension 2888.

Driving and parking

Most of our City facilities have free parking available close to our buildings.

Working downtown?

To assist with this process, please email [email protected] if you wish to be placed on the Fountain Lot (51 Fountain St) wait list. Include your name, department, start date, vehicle make model colour. This lot is designated for groups such as City staff parking but is currently at capacity. When a permit becomes available, Parking Services will contact you to see if you are interested in obtaining a permit for this location. This parking lot is a taxable benefit.

Free scramble parking space at the Gordon Street Lot located next to the Boathouse and Lawn Bowling Club.

Short term parking

The City of Guelph has two hour, once per day, complimentary parking on downtown streets. If an employee exceeds the parking limit, they are subject to an infraction as is any member of the public, issued by Bylaw and are responsible personally for payment of the parking ticket.

Additional information on downtown parking options for public users is available at Downtown parking.

Working late at City Hall

City staff working late at city hall, whether for a Council meeting or other work-related reason, can request to park their car in a lot closer to the building. No parking fees will apply. Please contact the parking office at extension 2888 before 2 p.m. on the day you will be working late to arrange parking.

Electric charging stations

New EV charging stations are available in the new Market Square Parkade. Users of the charging stations are responsible to pay for their parking and their charging use while in those dedicated stalls.

Taxable benefit

The parking permit and the transit pass are a taxable benefits.

The parking permit accrues a taxable benefit on the employee’s income at 55% of the market value of the permit issued.  In the case of the transit pass, due to its use every hour or every day, the transit pass accrues a taxable benefit on the employee’s income at 100% of the market value of the transit pass issued.  Fee increases in the market will be reflected annually in the taxable benefit paid on the parking permit or the transit pass.

The parking office will either record and distribute the transit pass, or assign a parking spot in a City managed facility and issue you the permit. You will need to review and sign the contractual agreement for the parking spot or the transit pass when you start. These contracts renew each year with a signed agreement for the parking permit or transit pass to remain valid.


Please contact [email protected] or call 519-822-1260 extension 6947.