Information for new employees to the City of Guelph

Hello and welcome to the City of Guelph

We are happy that you are here. You’ve joined a group of forward-thinking, dedicated professionals who are regularly recognized for their achievements, contributions and excellence in service. As a City employee, you will make an impact every day, becoming part of the Guelph story.

We’re excited to have you part of our team, and we look forward to seeing your contributions to this amazing city. We wish you all the best in your journey here at the City of Guelph. We hope you love it here! Please be sure to contact myHR if you have any questions about what to expect in your first days on our team: [email protected] or call 519-822-1260 extension 6947.

Preparing for your first day

  • Please review this page if you’re working remotely: City of Guelph employees working at home.
  • Review your offer letter to see if there are additional pieces of information or equipment you need to bring on your first day such as Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Sign and return your Offer of Employment and all associated paperwork before your first day.
  • Take your orientation training if we have requested you to complete this before you come in to join us. You will be
    compensated for your time on the training
  • Make a positive impression by planning to arrive a bit early for your first shift
  • Know your options, plan your route and arrange your parking

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