Node concept plans

The City of Guelph has created urban design concept plans to support the evolution of four key areas in Guelph and illustrate the City’s vision for higher density mixed-use areas. The City has created urban design concept plans for:

  • The Woodlawn/Woolwich mixed-use node and the Woolwich intensification corridor;
  • The Gordon/Clair mixed-use node;
  • The Paisley/Imperial mixed-use node; and,
  • The Watson/Starwood mixed-use node.

Guelph’s urban design concept plans

The concept plans for Paisley/Imperial and Watson/Starwood were endorsed by Council on September 17, 2012 and the concept plans for Woodlawn/Woolwich and Gordon/Clair were endorsed on July 11, 2016.

What are nodes?

Nodes are central or connecting points in a neighbourhood that have a mix of residential, commercial and institutional buildings, such as shopping areas, community centres, libraries and medium to high density housing.

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