Property tax bill and payments

Your property tax bills look different

We’ve redesigned your property tax bill

What’s new

  • More user-friendly bill layout
  • More billing information and revised mailing address, if applicable
  • A new access code at the top of your bill for self-serve options on the City’s website (coming soon)

What stays the same

  • Payment due dates
  • Automatic payments – if you already have a payment plan, your payment dates will stay the same

New self-service tools coming soon

Later this year, we’re launching new online self-service tools to help you manage your property taxes. As a property owner in Guelph, you’ll be able to:

  • Register for e-billing and pre-authorized payment plans
  • Access your property tax information and account balance 24/7
  • Print statements and bills for free

Property tax due dates

Interim tax bill

The first bill you will receive is the interim tax bill. This is calculated using the assessment roll and a portion of the previous year’s tax rate. This helps fund City services until the final tax bill is complete in the spring.

Your interim tax bill is mailed in February with two installment due dates.

  • First installment due date:  last business day in February
  • Second installment due date: last business day in April

Final tax bill

The final tax bill will be sent to you once City Council passes the municipal budget for the year, and the provincial government sets the education tax rate, which typically happens in the spring.

Your final tax bill is mailed in June and includes two more installment due dates.

  • Third installment due date:  last business day in June
  • Fourth installment due date: last business day in September

Property tax payments

When setting up a new property tax bill through your financial institution, please use the 19 digits of the assessment/tax roll number (e.g. 2308 000 000 00000 0000). Or as requested by your financial institution. Property tax accounts already created with 15 digits do not need to be changed.

Automatic bill payments

Register for a pre-authorized payment plan

Pay by phone online

Pay by mail

Tax Office, City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Guelph ON N1H 3A1

Pay in person

  • at most financial institutions
  • ServiceGuelphCounter, City Hall (after hours drop box is just west of the main entrance)
  • Wait times are always shorter mid-month. Save yourself time by avoiding the end-of–month lineup.


The City of Guelph Tax Office charges the following fees:

Item Fee
Tax certificate – online $70
Tax certificate $75
Statement of account $25
Duplicate tax bill $25
Tax receipt $25
NSF administration fee $41.60
PAP (Pre-Authorized Payment) Plan (re-join if cancelled) $25
Additions to tax roll $50
Change to PAP or banking Information $25
Search tax information (per property) $75
Local improvement property search $50
Outstanding accounts receivable invoices $25
Title searches $100
New owner administration fee $35
New roll number administration fee $50
Warning notice – before tax sale registration $25
Final notice – before tax sale registration $50
Tax sale registration administration fee, setup $150
Tax sale registration administration fee, when registered $250
Arrears notice on arrears over $100.00 $10
Mortgage company processing fee $10
Refunds $30
Account transfer fee $25
EDI (banking payment) payment error $25
Duplicate capping reports $20
Tax appeal application (357 & 358) $25
Postdated cheque retrieval $20
Tax sale properties – extension agreement fee $500
Commissioning – up to 2 signatures $35
Tax sale tender package – hard copy $10
City of Guelph DC Study $100
Tax sale registration initial administration fee $150

Penalty and interest charges

A penalty for late payment of 1.25% per month is added the day following the due date and the first day of each month thereafter. Payments on accounts are applied first toward the outstanding interest and penalty, then to the oldest outstanding taxes.

Sale of land for tax arrears

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