Submission and hearing dates


Submission Deadline (by 4:00 PM) Hearing Date
(4:00 PM, Council Chambers)
December 13 January 12
January 10 February 9
February 7 March 9
March 14 April 13
April 11 May 11
May 9 June 8
June 13 July 13
July 11 August 10
August 15 September 14
September 12 October 12
October 10 November 9
November 14 December 14

Location, dates and times subject to change.

A second hearing per month may be held if a large volume of applications is received. Please contact Committee of Adjustment staff to confirm if there will be a second hearing.

*Applications will not be added to the next hearing until they are determined complete. Depending on the volume of applications received, submitting an application on or immediately before the application deadline does not guarantee the application will be heard at the next hearing. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications prior to the application deadline in order to confirm a hearing date.


Last revised: November 21, 2022