Economic Development and Tourism: Contact information

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Economic Development and Tourism
City Hall, 1 Carden Street, Second Floor
Guelph, Ontario, Canada  N1H 3A1
[email protected]
Fax 519-837-5636

Ashley Bertolo
Economic Development Marketing Coordinator
Extension 2079
[email protected]

Bill Bond
Economic Development Officer
Extension 3525
[email protected]

Christine Chapman
Manager, Economic Development
Extension 2823
[email protected]

Caitlin Crete
Tourism Destination Development Coordinator
Extension 3333
[email protected]

Melissa Gerryts
Tourism Promotions and Digital Development Coordinator
Extension 2532
[email protected]

Tony Huynh
Administrative Assistant,
Extension 2824
[email protected]

Alex Jaworiwsky
Manager, Tourism Destination Development
Extension 2533
[email protected]

Alicia Karn
Administrative Assistant
Extension 3429
[email protected]

Bhavleen Kaur
Economic Development Analyst
[email protected]

Nicole Kupferschmidt
Tourism Programs Officer
Extension 3980
[email protected]

Les Petroczi
General Manager, Guelph Junction Railway
Extension 2825
[email protected]

Kurtis Wells
Economic Development Officer Tourism
Extension 3561
[email protected]