All eight of Ontario’s turtle species are at risk, with one of the most common threats being cars as they try to cross the road during nesting season.

The City is working towards retrofitting existing roads with wildlife tunnels and funnel fencing through road reconstruction projects. Both Eastview Road and Niska Road have wildlife crossing installed. We require new roads to avoid crossing wetlands and where new roads cross the natural heritage system, we require wildlife tunnels and funnel fencing (e.g. Poppy Drive). Staff also monitor high traffic trails for nesting sites that are at risk from predators.

Help protect local turtles

  • Drive according to the speed limit
  • Drive cautiously where turtle warning signs are posted
  • Brake for turtles (and any wildlife) where it’s safe to do so
  • Never post or share the location of turtles or their nests online

Report a turtle nest in a high-risk area

Turtles often nest in sandy, loamy soil similar to what you see on our gravel trails and on some road shoulders. If you see a turtle nest that’s in a risky area due to predators or human impact:

  • Note the location, nearest park or cross street
  • Take a photo of the nest where it’s safe to do so
  • Call the Rare Charitable Research Reserve turtle hotline at 226-962-6885

Report an injured turtle

If you find an injured turtle, call the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Hotline immediately at 705-741-5000 and follow their advice on handling an injured turtle.