Water bill suddenly higher than usual?

You may have a leak

Apply for a credit on your bill

Guelph provides financial assistance to single-family residential customers who receive a high water/wastewater utility bill as a result of a water leak or plumbing failure within the property.

If a leak has caused the consumption of at least two times the average monthly consumption for your property, you can apply for a credit.

To be eligible the property must:

  • Be a residential property in Guelph and serviced by the City’s water supply system, with an applicable water meter
  • Have a properly functioning and accessible internal shut-off valve
  • Have no unmetered water line or open bypass line within the last 5 years
  • Show no evidence of tampering with the City’s water meter

To participate in the credit program, you must complete the following at your own cost:

  • Carry out all actions required by City staff for compliance with the Credit Policy and Procedure
  • Pay all costs for repairing the leak
  • Pay the portion of all fees and charges owing but not eliminated by the credit program

This policy does not cover outside water use such as pools, hot tubs, hoses, irrigation systems or skating rinks.

Leak Forgiveness Credit Policy

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