Stormwater ponds in your neighbourhood

Protecting Guelph’s rivers and groundwater supply

What is stormwater?

Stormwater refers to rainwater, melted snow or water that runs off our roofs, driveways and roads rather than soaking into the ground. It either flows into rivers and waterways or is channelled into storm sewers.

Why do we manage stormwater?

We manage stormwater to control flooding and reduce pollution in our rivers and waterways. In a natural landscape, rainfall or melted snow soaks into the soil, is absorbed by trees and plants, evaporates into the air, or flows into streams, lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

In developed areas, rainfall and melted snow travel much more quickly over rooftops, driveways, and roads. Water runs off these surfaces and collects pollutants like dirt, oil, fertilizer, grass-clippings, pet waste, litter etc. and carries them to our rivers and waterways. After heavy rains or snow melts, river levels can rise and cause flooding.

Image shows flow of rain and snow melt through stormwater system

How do ponds control floods and protect our rivers?

Stormwater management ponds temporarily hold rainfall, melted snow or water runoff from things like watering your lawn or washing your car. Water is collected from the local storm sewer, treated to remove large pollutants, and then slowly released back to our waterways.

Maintaining ponds in your neighbourhood

Stormwater pond

The City of Guelph removes debris, invasive plants and vegetation (no pesticides are used). Minimal grass-cutting occurs in order to maintain a natural environment. The City also maintains gates, locks, valves, etc. and performs repairs and bank stabilization, when necessary.

Residents with backyard catch basins who are concerned about mosquitoes can ask to be included in Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health’s larvicide program by filling out the online waiver.
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