Water Line Replacement Grant Program – Terms and conditions

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. Property must not be occupied by an industrial or commercial enterprise. Property must not be owned by a corporation or partnership.
  2. Property owner must not be carrying on an industrial or commercial enterprise at the property and must not have any outstanding debt to the City.
  3. Water line must be located on the property owner’s private property and must be either a lead water line or a water line located at a shallow depth and with a history of freezing.
  4. If the private water line is shared with a neighbour, then the property owner will have to obtain that neighbour’s approval before proceeding with a grant application.
  5. Property owner must not commence replacement of the water line (such as by paying a contractor or starting the replacement work) prior to receiving formal approval of the grant application.


Limitations on Grant Availability

  1. Grants are subject to program funding being available.
  2. If applications are made for grants which in total would exceed Water Services’ budgeted funding for this program, residents with the highest health risk (i.e. households with children under the age of six, pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy) will be given priority access to the grants.
  3. Grants will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Application and Approval Process

  1. Property owner must submit, directly to Water Services, an oral or written request to participate in the grant program.
  2. Water Services will perform a pre-inspection to assess eligibility and the maximum potential grant amount.
  3. If the basis for the application is a history of water linefreezing, then Water Services must confirm a documented history of water linefreezing at the property before proceeding with the application.
  4. If the water line appears eligible for the grant, then Water Services will advise the property owner to proceed with the application process.
  5. Water Services encourages property owners to deal only with potential contractors who are licensed plumbers and/or licensed drain layers holding Master Business Licences and with adequate experience.
  6. Property owner must obtain a quotation from a potential contractor for the costs (and taxes) of replacing the private water line, which quotation separates the eligible costs and taxes (see below) from the ineligible costs and taxes (see below).
  7. Property owner must obtain a building permit to have the replacement carried out. Property owner should contact City Building Services at 519-837-5615 or email [email protected] information regarding the building permit process.
  8. Property owner must complete the City’s Grant Application Form. In the case of a lead water line replacement, the property owner must agree to post-replacement water sampling.
  9. Applicant must submit to Water Services a completed Grant Application Form, a copy of the building permit, a copy of the potential contractor’s quotation for the water line replacement, and, where applicable, the approval of any neighbours who share the private water line.
  10. Water Services will review the submitted material, including its completeness, the reasonableness of the potential contractor’s quotation, and the eligibility of the property owner for the grant.
  11. If Water Services determines that the grant application is satisfactory, it will provide approval to the property owner (Successful Applicant). Such approval does not include any recommendation, selection or approval of any particular potential contractor.


Maximum Potential Grant Amount

  1. In a case of replacing a private water line in conjunction with the replacement of the adjoining City water line, the maximum potential grant amount is $1000, and, in a case of replacing a private water line independently of replacement of the adjoining City water line, the maximum potential grant amount is $2,000.


Eligible Costs

  1. Successful Applicant’s building permit fee paid or payable to City Building Services.
  2. Utility locates and Contractor excavation costs related strictly to the private water line replacement.
  3. Contractor removal and disposal costs for lead water line or water line subject to freezing, extending from the curb stop at or near the property line to one metre inside the building foundation.
  4. Contractor supply and installation of new water line extending from the curb stop at or near the property line to one metre inside the building foundation. The new water line must be a minimum of 25 mm in diameter, Type K, soft copper tube certified to ASTM B88, “Seamless Copper Water Tube” or any material conforming to Table Division B of the 2012 Ontario Building Code.
  5. Installation costs, including pipe material, insulation, bedding, pipe trench back-fill, compaction, and related labour and equipment.
  6. Contractor supply and installation of applicable Building Code compliant full-port stop and waste ball valve in advance of the City water meter.g)Contractorrepair of new water line entry point through concrete, block, or stone foundation wall or concrete basement floor.
  7. Applicable taxes assessed on the above eligible costs.
  8. Water Services will provide support services during normal business hours related to the grant process (e.g. administration, pre-inspection, water turn-on or shut-off, sampling, meter installation etc.) to the Successful Applicant free of charge.)


Ineligible Costs

  1. Successful Applicant’s labour.
  2. Costs of internal plumbing modifications or home renovations including cost of relocating internal plumbing to accommodate location of new water line.
  3. Costs of restoration of damage to City owned sewer and laterals, pavement, sidewalk, curbing, signage, etc.
  4. Costs of relocation, damage, and repair to private utilities including telephone, cable, natural gas, fibre optic, etc.
  5. Costs of outside private property relocation or restoration e.g. grass seed, sod, trees, shrubs, gardens, decorative stones, driveways, walkways, decks, porches, ramps, sheds, fences, signs, utilities, pools, ponds, or hot tubs, etc.
  6. Any accrued interest related to late payment by the Successful Applicant to third parties for eligible costs covered under the grant.
  7. Water Services will, at its discretion, assess and bill separately to the Successful Applicant, on a time, equipment, and materials basis, support services conducted outside of normal business hours related to the grant process (e.g. administration, pre-inspection, water turn-on or shut-off, sampling, meter installation, etc.)


Water Line Replacement Process

  1. Successful Applicant begins work only after the approved Grant Application Form is returned by Water Services, confirming eligibility for participation in the program and indicating the maximum potential grant amount. Successful Applicant may retain Contractor.
  2. Successful Applicant ensures all utility locates are obtained in advance of starting the work (obtained by Successful Applicant or Contractor). There is no charge for obtaining these locates.
  3. Successful Applicant proceeds with the eligible, grant supported work related to the private water line replacement within 90days after the date of the approval of the Grant Application Form. Should additional time be required, Successful Applicant must inform Water Services of required extension.
  4. Successful Applicant contacts Water Services a minimum of 2 working days in advance of the replacement to arrange for water shut-off at the City curb stop prior to the start of work.
  5. Successful Applicant contacts City Building Services a minimum of 2 working days in advance for an inspection prior to the trench being back-filled.
  6. On the day of replacement, Successful Applicant contacts Water Services to arrange for a water turn-on and chlorine residual testing.
  7. Contractor flushes the newly installed water line in advance of the meter for at least 20 minutes to remove any particles.
  8. Where required in its sole opinion, Water Services will arrange to have a new water meter installed within the building at no cost to the Successful Applicant. The Successful Applicant must provide access to have the new meter installed.


Following Water Line Replacement

  1. Contractor provides invoices to the Successful Applicant upon job completion. Contractor invoices must separately list actual eligible and ineligible costs and applicable taxes.
  2. Successful Applicant pays the Contractor for 100% of the completed work.
  3. Successful Applicant submits Contractor invoices as well as a copy of proof of payment (receipt) to Water Services.
  4. If the Grant Application Form approval has been fully followed by the Successful Applicant, Water Services issues grant payment.
  5. In a case of replacement of a lead water line, Water Services may collect samples approximately 6 months following replacement.


For more information

Water Services
519-822-1260 extension 2263
[email protected]