Rolling out the proposed solution for the Dolime Quarry

The proposed solution would take time to implement and includes a number of steps

There are four key steps included in the proposed solution to protect Guelph’s drinking water.

1.    Moving Guelph’s boundary to include the Dolime Quarry lands

The process for moving Guelph’s boundary to include the quarry lands, currently part of Guelph-Eramosa Township, includes a public process and requires provincial approval. Jurisdiction for the quarry property would be transferred from the Township to the City. The quarry owners would still own the property.

2.    Land use planning approvals

The land use planning process would require both provincial and City planning approvals to allow residential development and determine how it fits into growth plans. There would be further studies, and we’d need input from our community and other government agencies. 

3.    Building a system to protect Guelph’s drinking water

The City would take control of the quarry’s water supply and build an on-site water management system. The system would prevent surface water from mixing with groundwater, and some of the water the quarry uses now could be used for the City’s water supply.

4.    Planning and building the residential development

Finally, detailed planning for the residential development would go through the City’s standard planning processes. That means our community would have an opportunity to comment on the development plans before they are approved.

The quarry owners would lead and finance the remediation and revitalization of the quarry site to replace it with a new residential neighbourhood. This development would still be subject to the City’s planning and approvals process, and the community would have the opportunity to provide comments on the development proposal as it does with any other development in our city.