Our Community, Our Water

Our community, our water. Quarry site revitalization

A solution for Dolime Quarry and City of Guelph

The City of Guelph and the owners of the Dolime Quarry reached a potential solution to address the City’s concerns about how operations at the quarry could affect Guelph’s drinking water. In March 2020, after hearing feedback from the community, City Council directed staff to pursue the proposed solution and the City is now working to implement the approved plan.
The City’s concerns around the future of our drinking water date back to 2002. While the owners of the Dolime Quarry don’t agree with the City’s concerns, we’ve worked together to find a solution. The approved plan is an innovative and unique approach that will address Guelph’s long-term water needs and lead to a more compatible land use in an urban setting.

Latest updates

The approved plan at a glance

Close the Dolime Quarry and bring the site, currently in Guelph-Eramosa Township, into the City of Guelph’s municipal boundary
Give the City control of the quarry’s water supply and build an on-site water management system
Create a new mixed-use residential neighbourhood that people can call home

Community Feedback

Whether to pursue the proposed solution was an important City Council decision. City Council and City staff shared this proposal with our community before Council made its decision.Our Community, Our Water included in-person and online opportunities for our community to learn more about the proposed solution to revitalize the Dolime Quarry site and protect our drinking water. A report summarizing your feedback was shared with the community and Council in February 2020.

Next steps

City staff and the owners of the Dolime Quarry reached an agreement to implement the proposed solution in early 2021. City staff is now requesting support and approval from the County of Wellington, Township of Guelph/Eramosa and Province of Ontario for the boundary adjustment to move jurisdiction of the quarry lands to the City, and a request for Minister’s Zoning Order to the principle of residential use for the property.