Main Street Mural Project – Video Series!

Main Street Mural Project Video series

As part of 2021’s Culture Days celebrations, we’re launching a fun video series to give you some insight into the City’s Main Street Mural Project – both the artists and designs, as well as the folks behind the scenes!

We’ll be releasing a video a day on this website from October 19-24, 2021 – 6 in total, one for each of the murals created as part of this project.

Your host for the series is Jen Rafter, the City’s Cultural Program and Event Coordinator, who implemented the Project, from drafting the Call to Artists, reviewing and evaluating proposals, to coordinating the creation and installation of artwork. The Main Street Mural Project would not be possible without the time and expertise of the City’s Public Art Advisory Committee, who were the selection committee for the Project – reviewing 286 proposals between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Project!

Thanks also go out to Guelph Museums, and cameraperson extraordinaire, Anna Patterson, for their support of this series!

Happy viewing.

This project was funded through the Association of Municipalities Ontario’s Main Street Revitalization Initiative.

Video 1: As it’s Written by Alex Kwong and Sergey Ryutin

Video 2: Cultivation by Kenneth Lavallee

Video 3: In Flight by Jarus

Video 4: #RoyalCityWings by Pellvetica

Video 5: Little Herbarium of Precious Silks by Annie Hamel

Video 6: On the Light Fantastic by Dan Bergeron and Gabriel Specter