Conditional site plan applications

The City can approve parts of the site plan, and allow construction to begin before the final site plan is approved. Separate building permit applications and fees are required for each stage of a conditional site plan approval. Conditional site plan approval does not guarantee final site plan approval.

Foundation Only

Foundation Only conditional approval allows pre-grading, tree removal, grubbing, foundations and internal rough-in underground plumbing of the building(s). Municipal water and wastewater services, exterior piping to the foundation and above ground work are not permitted until the final site plan and building permits are issued.

The following plans and reports will be approved for Foundation Only conditional approval:

  • Site plan (SP-1) – to confirm the foundation meets zoning requirements.
  • Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and/or Environmental Implementation Report (EIR).
  • Tree Inventory and Preservation Plan (TP-1) – to confirm the location of tree protection fencing and trees to be removed.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plan (ESC-1) – to ensure adequate erosion and sediment control measures will be in place before starting construction or any grading, tree removal, etc.
  • Archaeological assessment (as required) – to ensure archaeological resources will be protected to the satisfaction of the City’s Heritage Planning staff.
  • Cultural Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (as required) – to address concerns for properties that have heritage resources, are listed under the Ontario Heritage Act or are adjacent to protected heritage property.

Please submit the following to give the Site Plan Review Committee an understanding of proposed site plan (approval is not required):

  • Traffic geometrics
  • Grading
  • Site servicing
  • Elevations
  • Landscaping
  • Trail and public open space

Foundation and Servicing Only

Conditional approval for Foundation and Servicing Only allows foundation(s) and on-site municipal water and wastewater services, pre-grading, tree removal and grubbing. Above ground work is not permitted until the final site plan and building permits are issued.

Engineering and landscaping plans must be complete and approved. Otherwise, a separate Foundation Only conditional approval application may be required.

Please submit all payments, securities and land dedications (parkland, other lands, road widening, right-of-ways, and easements). The City must approve all plans and reports associated with your site plan application before granting Foundation and Servicing Only conditiona