Mayor and Council – frequently asked questions

How do I contact my Ward Councillor or the Mayor?

Please visit the Mayor and Council section for contact information and a ward map.

Can I request birthday, birth, or anniversary congratulations from the Mayor?

Yes, visit the Mayor’s section for more information.
Congratulations certificates from the Mayor for new births are available through the Welcome Wagon, who can be contacted by calling 1-877-675-8463.

My child is involved in a program and is travelling outside the city. Is it possible to get City pins to exchange?

The City does offer pins; please contact the City’s Purchasing Department at 519-822-1260 x 2328

Does the City issue proclamations to recognize special days, weeks, and months?

The City does not issue formal proclamations. A resolution was passed by Council in 1995 making it the City’s policy to no longer issue proclamations.

Can I arrange to have my organization’s flag flown at City Hall?

Yes. Visit the Flag section for information.

How can I ask for medals to be presented to my team during a Council meeting?

Visit the Mayor’s section for more information

How can I find out more about Guelph and its history?

Read more about Guelph

How can I find out about Guelph’s coat of arms?

Read about the Coat of Arms

Can I request the Mayor’s welcome message for my tournament / event programme?

Yes, visit the Mayor’s section for more information

How can I invite the Mayor to an event?

Visit the Mayor’s section for more information

How can I arrange to appear at a Council or Committee Meeting?

View  how to register as a delegation and/or submit written comments to City Council or a Standing Committee