Guelph’s Community Plan

A United Vision: Guelph’s Community Plan

Join us as we write the next chapter of our city’s vibrant life.
Now is the time for Guelph to come together and plan for the future.




  • We are growing at close to twice the provincial average.
  • Two-way, all-day GO will happen.
  • We’re on the map for high-speed rail.
  • Our University is a global leader in food innovation and agri-tech.
  • We have one of the top rated knowledge-based economies in Canada.
  • We’re the best city in the country to buy real estate.
  • We’re a great city for entrepreneurs.
  • We have one of the lowest unemployment rates and most robust jobs growth rates in the country.
  • Guelph is steeped with heritage, arts and culture.
  • We are home to some of the best authors in the country.
  • And we are a safe, caring and welcoming community.
Ours is a community to be proud of—so what’s next?

We have an opportunity—together—to set the stage for a strong, welcoming and prosperous Guelph for future generations.

A Guelph where everyone has a sense of belonging, can access essential services, and earn a good living. A vibrant city that provides the best possible quality of life.

We can achieve this together – as a united community sharing one vision – one plan.

Guelph’s first Community Plan.

What’s a community plan?

Many communities have long-term plans in place to help guide the creation of municipal strategies and master plans. These types of long-range plans are sometimes called community plans or sustainability plans and state community-wide goals over a 10+ year time horizon.

Guelph’s Community Plan will tell us what we want Guelph to look like in 10 years. Twenty years.

  • It considers all of our end goals – economic, cultural, educational, environmental, social and health.
  • It will guide the work of our local government. But, a community plan is more than just a strategy for city hall.
  • It gives everyone in Guelph a way to monitor our progress together, share what we learn, and adjust when necessary.
  • It will help us walk in the same direction toward a shared future we know will make us proud.
  • It is built by everyone – for everyone.
  • It is our shared road map to the future.

The process

Phase 1 – listening and engagement

September 2017 to September 2018
The City started a year-long listening and engagement phase in September that will provide opportunities for the citizens and players in our community’s various sectors to have a voice and shape Guelph’s Community Plan. We’ll be raising awareness, conducting research and starting our outreach.

Phase 2 – focus and building

September 2018 to summer 2019
This is where we take what we’ve learned and find themes and common stories and goals. This work will form the basis of the plan.

Phase 3 – approval and roll out

Summer and fall 2019
Working with the new term of Council, we’ll take all we’ve learned and heard from the community to draft a plan, validate it and roll it out before the end of 2019.

How do I get involved?

A Community Plan requires community leadership. We need you to get involved.

Until October 2018, the City will lead a Year of Listening.

Through surveys, focus groups, casual discussions and intense workshops, we’ll build our united vision.

Let’s get started! Join us on Mindmixer, our engagement platform and add your ideas to tell us what our future in Guelph looks like to you?

Download the Guelph’s Community Plan Do it Yourself Conversation Guidebook and enjoy one or more of the fun activities inside with your friends, family, neighbours or coworkers. Then send us the results using one of the methods below.

Want to get more involved? Fill out the I want to participate form send it in and we’ll keep you up to date with all of the activities throughout the Year of Listening.

  • Email us an electronic version at
  • Drop off a copy at Service Guelph addressed to “Make Your Mark”

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!