Meter inspections for high water users

Industrial, commercial and institutional organizations

The City is inspecting high water user’s water meters (mainly industrial, commercial and institutional organizations) to asses water usage needs and to ensure accurate water metering and billing.

Information and data captured from the meter inspections will also be used to help the City better understand water usage needs of Guelph’s highest water users, improve water services and prepare for future water demands of Guelph as a growing community.

What to expect during a meter inspection

If you’re business, institution or property is identified as a high water user, the City will get in touch with you to arrange your meter inspection appointment by phone or by mail. City staff will not show up to inspect your water meter without notice.

During the visit, we will assess the following:

  • Water meter function
  • Piping layout and effective function
  • Proper metering needs are being met
  • Potential technology improvement
  • Potential water saving methods
  • Fire suppression system type and testing frequency

Preparing for your meter inspection

  • We’ll need about 1 hour of your time for this inspection
  • Be sure to have access to and knowledge of the location of your water meter and fire suppression system.
  • Clear the area leading to your water meter
  • If available, please provide fire suppression testing documentation
  • Inquire as to testing frequency of fire suppression system if unaware

For more information

Chris Vanderveen, Metering Technician
519-822-1260 extension 2167
[email protected]