2020 Budget summary

Reading the budget

Approved 2020 Capital budget and 2021-2029 forecast

The approved 2020 capital budget and 2021-2029 forecast is the City of Guelph’s plan to take care of what it owns and plan for the future. Through the capital budget, the City is investing capital funds into Guelph’s infrastructure, ensuring current and future generations will be able to enjoy all the opportunities Guelph has to offer. The budget focuses on taking care of existing infrastructure, systems and programs while investing in city building and growth initiatives including recreation, library and transit services. The City strives to deliver the capital initiatives of the Strategic Plan with a focus on prioritizing infrastructure projects through maturing asset management practices.

2020-2029 Approved Capital Budget and ForecastStaff Report: 2020–2029 Capital Budget and Forecast

Approved 2020 non-tax supported operating budget

The approved 2020 non-tax supported operating budget represents the City of Guelph’s commitment to delivering services in a sustainable and self-funding business model focused on maintaining the health and safety of the community, meeting legislative requirements and providing exceptional customer service. The City’s non-tax supported operating budget is comprised of Stormwater Services, Water Services, Wastewater Services, Parking Services (new in 2020!), Ontario Building Code (OBC) Administration, and Court Services.

2020 Approved Non-tax Operating BudgetStaff Report: 2020 Non-tax Supported Operating Budget

Tax supported and local boards and shared services budgets

The tax supported and local boards and shared services budgets focus on delivering the services and programs that matter most to our community. City-delivered services make up the tax-supported budget, while the local boards and shared services budget outlines services delivered by the respective agencies.

Approved 2020 tax supported operating budget

The approved 2020 tax supported operating budget supports programs and service across the city such as swimming lessons, grass cutting, sport field maintenance, snow removal, emergency services, transit and many more; services that we know matter to you.

2020 Approved Tax Supported Operating Budget2020 Approved User Fee GuideStaff Report: 2020 Tax Supported Operating Budget

Approved 2020 local boards and shared services operating budget

The City of Guelph’s 2020 local boards and shared services operating budget includes:

  • Guelph Public Library Board
  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
  • County of Wellington Social Services and Social Housing
  • The Elliott
  • Downtown Guelph Business Association (DGBA)
  • Guelph Police Service Board

With the exception of the DGBA, the City’s share of these services is funded through property taxes. The DGBA is funded through a separate charge that is levied only on those commercial businesses within the Downtown Secondary Plan boundaries.

2020 Approved Local Boards budgetStaff Report: 2020 Local Boards and Shared Services Budgets

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