City of Guelph featured in United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Cities Report

Guelph, Ont., July 9, 2024 – The City of Guelph has been recognized for its Natural Heritage Action Plan and featured in the recent United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals City Report (page 53). The report represents a national initiative that highlights the progress and efforts made by cities across Canada towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“This achievement highlights the City’s commitment to preserving and enhancing our natural heritage, as well as our dedication to creating a more environmentally sustainable and resilient community”, Terry Gayman, Acting Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, Infrastructure, Development and Environment Services, City of Guelph.

The Natural Heritage Action Plan

The City has outlined a comprehensive set of objectives that are set to guide the actions in the preservation and enhancement of natural heritage. Among these objectives are immediate actions focusing on the conservation and management of natural resources and biodiversity, such as protecting the diversity of natural features that comprise Guelph’s natural heritage system, enhancing the quality of water resources, and increasing tree canopy cover. Additionally, the City is committed to promoting local stewardship, effective stormwater management, and other goals that aim to protect and sustain the natural environment.

In the long term, the City has highlighted the importance of considering ecosystem services for future generations, ensuring that development activities do not compromise environmental functions, addressing the impacts of urbanization on natural habitats, and prioritizing climate change resilience measures. Through these objectives, the City demonstrates its dedication to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices that will benefit both current and future residents.

United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Cities Report

The report provides a detailed analysis of city-specific indicators derived from UN-Habitat’s Global Urban Monitoring Framework (UMF), tailored to address the distinct challenges encountered by Canadian municipalities. Through this initiative, the report showcases the commitment of Canadian cities towards sustainable development and serves as a valuable resource for advancing the SDGs at the local level. The cities featured are: Calgary, Oakville, Halifax, Saanich, Guelph, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Kelowna, Thunder Bay, Kitchener, Burlington, Gibsons, and Winnipeg. Finally, the report presents the work of four Canadian city networks that are building capacity for accelerated action.

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