Satisfaction survey: Nearly nine in 10 residents feel they have a good quality of life in Guelph

Guelph, Ont., June 21, 2024 – Today, the City of Guelph releases its 2024 satisfaction survey results, which show that residents continue to be happy with life in Guelph, and with City services.  

The survey, conducted between March 22 and April 8, asked residents to share information about satisfaction with the current level of City programs and services, views toward property taxes, overall decision-making and priority-setting within the City, equity in service delivery, customer service, communication, and their perception of quality of life in Guelph.  

“The survey results show that the pressures of inflation, increased cost of living, and housing affordability are impacting Guelph residents, as is the case in communities all across Canada,” says Jodie Sales, general manager, Strategy Initiatives and Intergovernmental Services. “Despite these pressures, the satisfaction survey indicates that Guelph residents overall feel they have a good quality of life and are satisfied with the services provided by the City. We recognize there is more work to be done to continue improving services to the community in areas of affordable housing, equity and accessibility.” 

What we heard (summary) 

Resident perception of the quality of life in the city of Guelph remains strong in 2024 with nearly nine in 10 residents (88 per cent) rating it good or very good. 

We also heard from residents on what they believed to be the most important issues in Guelph, which include: 

  • Housing availability and affordability (33 per cent) 
  • Poverty, homelessness, social issues and food security (15 per cent) 
  • Property taxes and taxes in general (8 per cent) 

Seventy per cent of residents continue to believe that they receive good value for their tax dollars, including user rates and fees. Feelings were closely split when it came to taxes and user fees. Two in five respondents (40 per cent) expressed a preference for maintaining existing programs, service levels and facilities even if it means taxes or user fees must increase. In contrast, 34 per cent felt there should be no increase to taxes or user fees, even if it means cuts to programs, services and facilities. Meanwhile, 19 per cent thought new programs, services and facilities should be added, even if it meant an increase in taxes or user fees. Another six per cent were indifferent. 

When asked about their most recent interaction with the City, 88 per cent of residents say they are satisfied with the information or service provided, with 65 per cent stating that they believe information is provided openly and transparently. However, 15 per cent of respondents say they’ve experienced barriers or difficulties in accessing City programs and services, availability cited most often followed by physical and accessibility barriers. 

Residents who had contact with the City between March 2023 and March 2024 say the information or services provided are: 

  • Fair and equitable: 67 per cent agree 
  • Easy and accessible: 78 per cent agree 
  • Accurate and reliable: 73 per cent agree 
  • Timely: 70 per cent agree 
  • Friendly and personal: 77 per cent agree  

“Satisfaction surveys help us to understand if we’re meeting our mission to deliver responsible and responsive public service to Guelph’s growing and diverse community,” says Sales. “The results also help us identify opportunities where we can continue to make improvements to ensure the city is future-ready and a great place for everyone.” 

The City will use the results to support and inform corporate initiatives, identify gaps and efficiencies to explore in advance of budget updates for 2025 through 2027, improve program or service design and delivery, and enhance the resident experience. 


Between March 22 and April 8, the City conducted its fourth satisfaction survey since 2017 to better understand resident needs and expectations. Forum Research administered the survey and completed 610 interviews by phone with residents 18 years or older. An additional 330 self-selected respondents participated in an online survey during the same period. Thank you to all those who participated. Over 900 people answered the survey!  

The 2024 information collected was compared to past City of Guelph satisfaction surveys, as well as Forum Research’s municipal database wherever possible.  

The City plans to continue to conduct the survey every two years, with the next scheduled for 2026.  


Media contact 

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Strategic Communications and Community Engagement
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