Should Guelph work to reduce excessive lighting at night with a Dark Sky bylaw?

Join the conversation and have your say online by February 11

Guelph, Ont., January 18, 2024 – Fill out our online survey by February 11 to let us know whether Guelph should address excessive lighting at night with a Dark Sky bylaw, and what considerations need to be made if a bylaw is developed.

In November 2023 we held two in-person workshops to get community feedback on whether Guelph should implement a Dark Sky bylaw. We had great conversations and, as we said at the time, we’re now back to collect more community input with an online survey. Head to to learn more about the process, explore reasons for reducing excessive lighting at night and share your ideas on the development and enforcement of a possible Dark Sky bylaw.

After the survey closes, we’ll share a report summarizing what we learned from all the community input and whether a bylaw will be developed. If one is prepared, there will be more chances for the community to comment on the draft bylaw before it’s presented to Council for adoption.

Why a dark sky?

A Dark Sky bylaw would be a tool to reduce light pollution in Guelph. Light pollution is considered the excessive or inappropriate use of outdoor artificial light that alters the natural patterns of light and dark in ecosystems. Lowering the amount of light pollution in an area has measurable benefits for birds, bugs, bats, plants and people.

By sharing your thoughts, you’ll be helping determine if a Dark Sky bylaw is something the community wants and what key considerations are needed if a bylaw is developed.

For more information

Ashley Kassian, Program Manager
Operations Administration, Public Services
City of Guelph
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