Mayor Guthrie sets the record straight about housing starts in Guelph

Yesterday, Premier Doug Ford rose in the Ontario legislature and stated, “Guelph has the slowest housing starts in the entire province, out of 444 municipalities.”

This is not true.

As mayor, it is my duty to be factual with the residents of Guelph and the people of Ontario.

  • The current Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) housing stats clearly highlight that Guelph has the largest housing percentage increase.
  • Guelph’s building permits have increased by 30 per cent in 2022 and we are on track to exceed those numbers for 2023.
  • Guelph ended exclusionary zoning before it was mandated by the Province.
  • Guelph allowed three (3) units as-of-right before it was mandated by the Province.
  • Guelph City Council has now directed staff to allow four (4) units as-of-right, which is over and above any Provincial legislation requirement.
  • Guelph’s average time to process development applications has decreased from 197 days in 2022 to 52 days in 2023.

Guelph is one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario. We are ready to help home builders and businesses thrive here. We will continue to play our part in addressing the housing needs of current and new residents while focusing on our housing pledge of 18,000 new homes by 2031.

I invite the Premier to come to Guelph and meet with me and our team to show him the progress we’re making and to discuss the ongoing concerns of his government not following through on their promise to “make municipalities financially whole” from the legislative changes they’ve imposed on cities across Ontario.

Thank you,
Mayor Cam Guthrie