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Guelph awarded $35,000 to attract foreign direct investment

Guelph, Ont., May 3, 2018—The City of Guelph has been awarded $35,000 in funding from Global Affairs Canada as part of their Invest Canada – Community Initiatives program (ICCI). The funding will be used by the City to promote the Building Partnerships initiative to both Canadian and foreign investors. Building Partnerships is a City of Guelph initiative aimed at helping businesses and builders “get to yes” as they navigate the process of moving a business to Guelph and applying for planning and development approvals. Years of foreign direct investment research helped to shape the Building Partnerships initiative, and will support Guelph in competing on a global scale. Guelph is a recognized destination for foreign direct investment. Last year the City was recognized as a top… Continue reading Guelph awarded $35,000 to attract foreign direct investment