Future Guelph – Foundations

Future Guelph
Strategic Plan 2024–2027

Guelph City Hall


The internal investments needed to position Guelph to provide excellent services and programs, while maintaining both fiscal responsibility and accountability, to sustainably support Guelph’s long-term growth.

1 Be an employer of choice

  • Develop a human resources strategy to ensure we have the right people with the right skills.
  • Enhance our organizational culture of inclusion and belonging to attract and retain talent.

2 Advocate for our city

  • Develop an advocacy strategy aligned to the strategic plan’s priorities.
  • Advance reconciliation through an Indigenous Relations Framework.

3 Lead with accountability

  • Increase trust and transparency through strategic plan reporting.
  • Review the continued effectiveness of Council processes and its Advisory Committees.
  • Manage organizational risks and identify opportunities by developing an Enterprise Risk Management program.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement.

4 Maintain the City’s healthy financial position

5 Provide excellent service