Street sweeping

Sweeping starts every spring between April and May, weather permitting. Arterial roads are swept first followed by residential streets.

As our sweepers make their rounds in the city, cars parked on narrow roads may need to move for a few hours while we complete our work. If your street is affected, you’ll see a sign posted a couple of days in advance, so you have time to find a temporary, alternate parking spot.

If your car is parked on a street scheduled for sweeping, it will be towed.

Report debris or spills on your street

To report debris or a spill (gravel, manure, garbage, etc.), we need the following information:

  1. Name of the street
  2. Nearest building number
  3. Name of the nearest cross-street
  4. Description of the debris or spill

Debris spills are addressed on a priority basis.

To report a spill with an environmental concern, please contact the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) at 1-800-268-6060.

Reporting concerns on the Hanlon Parkway and in Wellington County

Street sweeping protects Guelph’s drinking water

Street sweeping protects Guelph’s water quality and the environment by keeping sand, salt and debris out of Guelph’s ponds, rivers and streams. It also keeps storm drains clear so rain and melted snow have somewhere to go.