Sidewalks and curb damage

Report sidewalk or curb damage

We will respond within two business days.

To report a sidewalk problem or curb damage please tell us:

  • name of the street
  • nearest address
  • name of the nearest intersection
  • description of issue

Thanks for keeping our sidewalks safe.

Sidewalk damage

Guelph’s has over 650 kilometres (km) of sidewalks. Broken or damaged sidewalks are not only an eyesore and an inconvenience; they’re also a safety hazard. City crews inspect all sidewalks annually according to the Municipal Act, Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways to identify ruts or bumps resulting in a step of more than 2 cm.  Measures are taken to protect users of the sidewalk, including making permanent or temporary repairs, alerting users’ attention to the hazard with orange paint or preventing access to the area. Most sidewalk damage is caused by:

  • tree roots
  • vehicles (especially trucks) driving on the sidewalk
  • deterioration due to age

Help prevent curb damage

Residents can help the City maintain curbs in several ways. Weeds and other plants can damage curbs. Residents are encouraged to remove weeds from joints and cracks in the curbs and gutters and keep the area clean.