Donation bins

Report a donation bin problem

We will respond within two business days.

Common concerns about donation bins include illegal dumping, graffiti, damage, misleading signs and/or placing a donation bin on a property without permission.

Licensing donation bins

Donation bins must be licensed by the City of Guelph. According to the City’s business licensing bylaw, the City can:

  • remove unlicensed donation bins
  • issue fines for unlicensed donation bins
  • require the licensed operator to maintenance or repair the box and/or the area around it

To get a licence, donation bin/box operators need to:

  • get the property owner’s permission to place the bin
  • meet Guelph’s zoning bylaw
  • clearly identify who owns the bon, and indicate whether the operator is not-for-profit or for-profit organization
  • maintain adequate insurance
  • maintain and/or repair bins routinely
  • demonstrate that bins will not cause safety concerns or affect pedestrian access

Apply for a donation bin/box licence