200 Beverley Street

Restoring the former IMICo brownfield

Having seen successful brownfield redevelopments like the River HouseRiver MillMetal Works and Historic Stewart Mill condominiums, the commercial plaza at 40 Wellington Street, and mixed residential and commercial building Market Square Commons, Guelph is excited to see what exciting opportunities await 200 Beverley Street.

About the site

The 13-acre (5.2-hectare) property is located east of downtown in the St. Patrick’s Ward neighbourhood; close to the University of Guelph, Guelph General Hospital, the future Guelph Innovation District, and public transit.

We’re completing environmental studies that will help us move ahead with development. The studies being done now will help us understand any contamination on site, how it should be managed, and how we can develop the site.

The site’s history of industrial activity is well known, and we’ve already completed significant environmental studies and cleanup activities.

We’re in the early stages of exploring development options with a developer who understands the challenges and benefits of redeveloping brownfields like this one. We currently have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in place with ARQi R&D Inc. and Habitat for Humanity Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph to see how we can turn this brownfield into something that the community both wants and needs, and that we can all get excited about.

The MOU itself is not a development plan; it outlines the roles, responsibilities and commitments of each party and is intended to help advance planning, environmental and development matters and applications.

For example, the City—as the owner of the property—is responsible for the environmental studies to get the record of site condition. Once our environmental studies are done, we’ll be able to explore potential uses with our MOU partners and the community, and negotiate the land sale. Construction would likely not begin until 2021 at the earliest.

Where we’re at

We’re taking action and getting closer to development.


  • City gains ownership of property, including responsibility for addressing substances on the property.
  • City completes early environmental studies, site monitoring and management, and removes above ground structures
  • City collects public input on potential uses for 200 Beverley Street as part of the St. Patrick’s Ward Community Improvement Plan and Land Use Strategy
  • City develops marketing package to attract investors that understand the challenges and benefits of developing brownfields
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between the City, Habitat for Humanity Wellington, Dufferin, Guelph and ARQi R&D Inc. to develop 200 Beverley Street using smart urban planning and development principles.


  • City completes final environmental studies needed to file a record of site condition with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks so that development can proceed.
  • City supports ARQi R&D Inc. community meetings with information about the environmental studies.


  • City files the record of site condition with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.
  • City invites and considers community input on development plans for the site.
  • City provides the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks with plans to redevelop the property.
  • City jointly develops more detailed development concepts, budgets, schedules and development pro-formas with MOU partners.
  • City issues building permits so that construction can begin.